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How do I choose an external examiner?

How do I choose an external examiner?

The external examiner should be an expert in your field and familiar with the scholarship you have used. He or she will ideally know a great deal about the specific topic, problem or phenomenon you have investigated more in many cases than committee members other than your supervisor know.

Do external examiners get paid?

External examiners are paid an annual fee plus visit fees and reimbursement of expenses, as appropriate. Payment is made upon receipt of a written report. A claim form must be completed, even if examiners have not incurred any expenses. The payment of all fees and expenses are managed by the relevant faculty office.

What examiners look for in PhD thesis?

Examiners want to read a thesis where the candidate has used the literature to argue that: their interpretation of the field is accurate; their research question and approach are worthwhile, appropriate and address a significant gap in the literature; and their results and conclusions make an important contribution to …

Can external examiners change marks?

External Examiners may not make isolated changes to any student’s grades. 3. External Examiners are not normally expected to mark or re-mark assessments.

What do external examiners do?

As an external examiner, your main duties are: to evaluate all forms of assessment which contribute to students’ degree results; to evaluate, and help ensure fairness and consistency in, the assessment process; to comment, if invited to do so, on any alleged cases of assessment irregularities.