How do I contact housing at ASU?

How do I contact housing at ASU?

You can also call 602-496-6711 (during normal business hours) or email [email protected]

How do I get ASU housing?

Take your next steps

  1. Start your application. Review and complete your housing license agreement.
  2. Search for roommates. Your future roommate should be assigned to the same residential college community.
  3. Complete your room and meal plan selection. Housing options are based on your campus and academic major.

How does ASU confirm housing?

With a room and meal plan selected, you can confirm your application, completing it on both the My ASU Housing and your My ASU checkbox.

Can you live on campus at ASU?

The heart of university life: living on campus. In ASU’s Residential Colleges, you’ll live and study with students in your major and college. These living learning communities provide supportive environments that connect and involve you outside the classroom.

What are the best dorms at ASU?

Top 10 Dorms at Arizona State University

  • Manzanita Hall. Residence Address: 600 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA Manzanita Hall is a co-ed hall that provides double occupancy accommodations with suite-style bathrooms.
  • Taylor Place.
  • Tooker House.
  • Palo Verde East.
  • Best Hall.
  • Hayden Hall.
  • Irish Hall.
  • Adelphi Commons.

Do I need a car at ASU?

For the most part, ASU Tempe is a pedestrian campus so vehicles are not favored and parking is less favored. For activities taking place on the north side of Campus, the Fulton Center Building parking structure is your best bet.

What is the best housing at ASU?

Is ASU a dry campus?

Although Arizona State University is regarded as a “dry” campus, there are many times and places you can drink either on campus or at an ASU-related event. Here’s your guide for where and when you can have beer, wine and, sometimes, liquor while celebrating at orr with ASU.