How do I contact Ranger Boats?

How do I contact Ranger Boats?

1 (870) 453-2222
Ranger Boats/Customer service

How long is a Ranger 350V?


Model Year Introduced Length
364V 1988 (guess) 17’10”
365V 1989 17’10”
350V unknown 17’10”
354V unknown 17’10”

Where are Ranger Boats manufactured?

Ranger Boats of Flippin, Arkansas, soon will be under the Bass Pro umbrella. Bass Pro Group announced Thursday it has agreed to acquire Fishing Holdings LLS — owned by Platinum Equity LLC — which manufactures Ranger, as well as Stratos and Triton boats.

Where is the Ranger Boat Factory?

Flippin, Arkansas
With a location that is a little off the beaten path, we realize that not everyone can make it to Flippin, Arkansas to visit our manufacturing facilities.

How much does a 1983 Ranger bass boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
335V 17′ 1045
350V 18′ 1050
392V 20′ 1400
395V 20′ 1400

Is Ranger boats going out of business?

Ranger Boats president Randy Hopper says the factory will open July 6. Ranger Boats is owned by Minnesota-based Genmar Holdings Inc., which filed for bankruptcy protection on June 1. Ranger makes fiberglass fishing boats and is one of 13 brands owned by Genmar, which filed for Chapter 11.

Where is Ranger bass boats built?

“For the past 50 years, Ranger Boats has called Arkansas home,” said Ranger Marketing Director Matt Raynor. “The people of Arkansas are a vital part of our company DNA. Ranger is committed to producing the highest quality American-made products and we do it right here in Flippin with dedicated, hardworking employees.