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How do I convert YouTube videos into MP4?

How do I convert YouTube videos into MP4?

Guide: How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 and Other Formats Step 1. Open VideoProc and click “Video” on the main UI . Step 2. Drag or click “+Video” to add the video that you want to convert. Step 3. Select “MP4” as output format. Step 4. Click “Browse” to select a destination folder to save the converted file.

What’s the best YouTube downloader?

Gihosoft TubeGet. Gihosoft TubeGet is another popular YouTube video downloader that available on both PC and Mac computers. If you want to download YouTube videos efficiently, you can go for this one.

How do you copy files from YouTube?

Open youtube and then search for your favourite video or the video you want to convert it into WAV file. Then copy the URL from Youtube site. Open the converter and paste the URL into the search box. The video appears then download the video. After downloading the video, add the video to the convert list.

How do you change MP4?

Open Handbrake and then drag your video file into the main program window. Click the “Output File Type” drop-down menu and select “MP4” from the list that appears. Click “Start” to convert your video file to MP4.

Can I upload mp4 audio files to YouTube?

If you want to upload an audio on the site, it only means that you need to create a simple video file which contains your audio clip with an audio editor. Currently, YouTube accepts the following video formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP and Webm. Alternatively, you can utilize a third party uploader for uploading the audio.

How do you convert YouTube to computer?

Using a Conversion Website Open YouTube on your computer. Open the video you want to download. Highlight the video’s address in the browser. Copy the highlighted address. Open a YouTube downloader website. Paste the YouTube URL into the Video URL to Download field. Click the button for the format you want to convert to. Click the Continue button.