How do I create a custom function in Crystal Reports?

How do I create a custom function in Crystal Reports?

Right click on Custom Function and select ‘New’….Drag the formula field on the Design tab at the required position in the Report.

  1. Follow the same process in creating another formula with the required name.
  2. Reuse the Custom Function ‘Process Interval’ in the same manner but use different set of database fields.

How do I add another function in Crystal Report?

To add an additional function

  1. Consult this document for the location of UFL file.
  2. Download the UFL file. The self-extracting file will contain an.
  3. Move the DLL file(s) to: • In Windows 9x:
  4. Restart Crystal Reports and the functions will be automatically detected and.

Is null in Crystal report?

IIF and IsNull are functions in Crystal Reports that are used in formulas to test fields for blanks, empty strings, missing values and NULL, then return some valid output. If the field is NULL, then TBD (To Be Determined) will be put in the report where the formula has been placed.

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What does symbol mean in Crystal Reports?

In Crystal Reports formulas {@something} indicates a reference to a Formula Field that has the name of something . The @ symbol is used to signify the field name used in the braces is a Formula Field. There are other symbols used for other types of fields as well.

How do you handle null in Crystal Reports?

In Crystal Reports, you have four ways to deal with Database Nulls: Change a report setting to convert all Nulls to a default value in the active report….To change the Null Handling setting:

  1. File menu.
  2. Options.
  3. Formula Editor tab.
  4. Null Treatment dropdown, choose “Default Values For Nulls”