How do I determine what size compression socks I need?

How do I determine what size compression socks I need?

Whenever you are choosing between compression sock sizes, essentially just measure the circumference of your calf and the circumference of your ankle. But what if your measurement falls in between sizes. What should you do? Try smaller sizes that are closer to your measurements; don’t opt-in for sizes higher than you.

Are CEP socks worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it! I bought these when I was training for a half marathon as recovery socks. I now own two pair and I wear them every day to work (I’m an RN) as compression socks. They wash and wear better then any compression socks I have tried.

What sock size is 34 38?

Size and Care

Sock Size US Men’s Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size
Small 34-37
Medium 6-8.5 38-42
Large 9-12 43.-46
X-Large 12.5-15.5 47-51

Do compression socks help runners?

Compression socks don’t just look pro as heck—they also boast post-race performance and recovery benefits. Aside from the sensation of your legs being drawn into a cozy, supportive hug—almost like a weighted blanket for your active muscles—the compression can actually improve blood flow and energize your legs.

How do you clean CEP compression socks?

Washing Instructions

  1. Wash the CEP compression socks and sportswear after use.
  2. Wash in machine, delicates cycle, 40°C.
  3. Do not use bleach.
  4. May be dried at a low temperature in tumble dryer.
  5. Never allow to dry in direct sunlight or on a radiator.
  6. Do not iron.
  7. Do not dry-clean.

How long do CEP compression socks last?

Our compression products will stay consistent for about a year if you wear your socks or sleeves every other day. If you put a lot of miles in and wear them every day, you can expect about 6 months before they’ll need to be replaced — just like a running shoe.

What size sock is 35 38?

UK and European sock and shoe sizes

Code UK Size Euro Size
Code UK Size Euro Size
9 2.5-4.5 35-37
11 5-8 38-42
13 8.5-12 43-47

How do you know your sock size?

The length of your foot in inches —from the heel to the tip of your toe—is what actually determines your sock size. So when you see socks labelled “sock size 9-11” or “sock size 10-13”, just note that this is in reference to your foot length in inches, not your shoe size.