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How do I fix error 404 in PHP?

How do I fix error 404 in PHP?

How to Avoid 404s and Redirect Old URLs in PHP

  1. Create a 404 error-handling file. If you’re yet to have a “not found” page, create a basic one named 404.php in the root of your website:
  2. Configure your server.
  3. Create the redirection system.

How enable PHP in IIS?

1.2. Install PHP by using Web PI

  1. Open a browser to the following website: Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0.
  2. Click Download It Now, and then click Run.
  3. At the top of the Web Platform Installer window, click Products.
  4. Click Frameworks, and then select the current version of PHP.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Click I Accept.

How do I change the 404 page in IIS?

Double-click the “Error Pages” icon located in the home pane; click “Edit.” Step 4: Enter the HTTP Status Code. When you see the dialog box “Edit Custom Error Page,” enter “404” underneath “Status Code.”

How can I get error 404 page?

One typical trigger for an error 404 message is when the page has been deleted from the website. The page was moved to another URL and the redirection was done incorrectly. You entered an incorrect URL address. Although it happens very rarely, sometimes the server malfunctions.

What does error message 404 mean?

A 404 error is the standardized HTTP status code. The message is sent from the webserver of an online presence, to the web browser (usually the client) that sent the HTTP request. The browser then displays this error code.

What is code 404 error?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means that the page you were trying to reach on a website couldn’t be found on their server. To be clear, the 404 error indicates that while the server itself is reachable, the specific page showing the error is not.

What is a 404 error on Google?

“Error 404”, in internet terms means a “File/page not found”. If Google follows the same standard error codes, then it means that Google’s servers are returning a “not found” error to these devices. Only Google knows why the servers are acting like this.