How do I get a Det email?

How do I get a Det email?


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  2. Then scroll to ‘Accounts and Sync’ and click ‘Add Account’
  3. Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync’ or ‘Corporate’
  4. Enter the following details:
  5. On the next screen enter the following details:
  6. You must then TICK ‘Use Secure Connection’ & ‘Accept all SSL Certificates’

What is the NSW student email address?

NSW Department of Education and Communities uses 1 email formats, with first ‘. ‘ last (ex. [email protected]) being used 100.0% of the time.

How do I connect to Det WIFI?

  1. STEP 1: Open the wireless configuration pane located at the bottom-right corner of your desktop:
  2. STEP 2: Select (click or tap) the network you want to connect to and click Connect:
  3. STEP 3: Next you will need to enter your credentials.
  4. STEP 4: After selecting OK you will get a prompt – you select CONNECT to continue:

What is student portal?

A student portal is a commonly used phrase to describe the login page where students can provide a username and password to gain access to an education organization’s programs and other learning related materials.

How do I set up my Det email on my iPhone NSW?

Here are the instructions:

  1. Tap “Settings” in your home screen.
  2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Tap “Add Account…”
  4. Tap “Microsoft Exchange”
  5. Email: Your DET email address.
  6. Password: Your DET password.
  7. Description: This can be whatever you want… ie “Work Email” “School Email” “DET Email” – anything.
  8. Username: [email protected]

How do I setup my NSW Health email on my Android?

On Android (Phone or Tablet)

  1. Step 1: OPEN OUTLOOK FOR ANDROID. Open Outlook for android.
  2. Step 2: Tab “Add Email Account” Go to Settings > Add Account > Select Exchange > Add Email Account.
  4. Step 4: ENTER PASSWORD.

Can you make a .edu email?

edu domains are register by US-based educational institutions. Students or staff of some specific institutions have their own personal email address with . edu extension. However, most students don’t have this type of email address, especially those who are outside the US.

How do I connect my school WIFI to my phone?

How to connect your Android Device to WIFI

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.
  2. From the menu select Settings.
  3. Select Wi-Fi.
  4. Make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on.
  5. Once the Wi-Fi is on, select the WCGSCHOOLS network.
  6. Add the Identity and password fields.
  7. Scroll down and make sure show advanced options is ticked.

How do I connect my school WIFI to Windows 10?

Right-click on Wireless Network connection and select View Available Wireless Networks. Now you should see a window where you can select a wireless network. Select a network and click on Connect. If the network is set up to be a secured network, you may need to enter a password before you are allowed to connect.

Why is student portal important?

A student portal provides an engaging student experience with a single point of access and hub to all applications, information, and content. One of the biggest obstacles that a student portal removes is the number of information silos found across colleges and universities today.

What is the default email address for PolyU?

PolyU Connect Email service provides lifelong service to all current students, alumni and retirees. This is a hosted private cloud service provided by Microsoft Office 365. The default email address is: Staff Email:

Who are eligible users of the PolyU Connect service?

If the PolyU Connect Login page cannot be shown and the Staff Email Login page is shown instead, please refer to PolyU Connect Email – Showing Login Page. Q3. Who are the eligible users of the PolyU Connect service? PolyU Connect service is available to students, alumni, retirees and staff (by application only).

Which is the official communication channel of PolyU?

Email is the official communication channel in the University. Staff Email service provides to all current PolyU Staff. PolyU Connect Email service provides lifelong service to all current students, alumni and retirees. This is a hosted private cloud service provided by Microsoft Office 365.

How to contact the NSW Department of Education?

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