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How do I get more antimatter in Atomas?

How do I get more antimatter in Atomas?


  1. Reaching scores of 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 for the first time.
  2. Using the Gold Lucky Charm, which will give you one Antimatter in a 0.5% (1 in 200) chance.
  3. Purchasing it with real money in the in-game store, which will also remove ads from your game.

What is Zen mode in Atomas?

Zen. Teaser from Sirnic’s Blog about the Geneva Update Zen is a game mode in the Geneva Update. It is the replacement for the Full Alchemist mode in the old Atomas game.

How do you get oxygen in Atomas?

To gain use of them, one must first discover the related atom by reaching its atomic number. So, to get the Oxygen upgrade, one must at least get Oxygen, or pass it by getting Fluorine or any higher atom.

What does the white ball do in Atomas?

Description. Its ability to copy any atom on the field can help in obtaining new atoms The Neutrino is a white atom with no certain inscription written on it. It resembles the Antimatter, but without the special effects or spinning circles.

How many elements are there in Atomas?

This is the periodic table of Atomas’s elements, also including fake elements and special atoms. Previously, only 46 elements were available, chosen to be some of the most “recognizable.” 45 are real elements, and the last was the made-up “Bananium.”…Current.

No 36
Sym Kr
Name Krypton
Color #3ca0d4

How does Atomas game work?

To play Atomas you have to combine matching elements. Every element has an atomic number, and when combined they create the element with the next higher atomic number. For example, when you combine two Lithium atoms (3) you’ll get one Beryllium (4). A few random elements are arranged in a circle.

What is the meaning of Atomas?

Atomas is a science themed puzzle game available on IOS and Android. The goal is to get the highest score by combining elements. Atomas was developed by Sirnic Games, and released on February 24, 2015.

What does the black plus do in Atomas?

Dark Plus spawn with a 1.25% (1 in 80) chance when the score is above 750. Reactions with Dark Plus barely contribute to the Score, as the average of the two atom’s values is added to the score. By using a Dark Plus, you can combine two Red Plus atoms to create a Beryllium atom.

Is a germ smaller than an atom?

The same goes for the small stuff — we know viruses and bacteria are small, and atoms are even smaller, but just how small is as hard to grasp as Rupert Murdoch’s bank balance. Or Danny DeVito does — at 1.50 metres he’s 10 billion times bigger than an atom and one billion times smaller than the diameter of the sun.

Do you have to hack Atomas to get cheats?

Ok, then that’s all Cheats, which we have to hack Atomas. In fact, this can not even be called “Hacking”, since these cheats are completely legal, and they are used to enable developers to test the game, but fortunately in many cases we manage to get these cheat codes.

How many types of atoms are there in Atomas hack?

The gameplay Atomas Hack includes three different game modes in complexity. The mechanics of this game are simple, but very exciting and exciting. You will be provided with forty-five different types of atoms, for the construction of structures. As for the game Atomas, cheats for Antimatter and everything else is very easy to use.

What do you need to do in Atomas?

Your main task is to collect atomic chains of precious metals – silver and gold. You need to constantly monitor that your universe is not overfilled with atoms, otherwise it will die and you will have to start the game first.

Is the game Atomas a good time killer?

Atomas is an exciting game from the genre of puzzles. You will spend a few minutes to understand the principle of the game, and then spend a lot of delightful hours playing. This application is the perfect time killer. You are invited to assemble your own little world from atomic chains.