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How do I identify my NSK bearings?

How do I identify my NSK bearings?

The designation for the NSK bearing bore indicates the bearing’s bore size. A two-digit number is used for bore sizes from 20mm to 480mm. This number is multiplied by five to give the bore size. For example, the code 6318 stands for a deep groove ball bearing with a bore size of 90 mm.

Are NSK bearings made in China?

NSK commenced manufacturing of bearings in China in 1995 with the establishment of Kunshan NSK Co., Ltd., located in greater Shanghai. NSK currently manufactures and sells industrial machinery bearings, automotive bearings, automotive components, as well as precision machinery and parts in China.

Are NSK bearings Made in USA?

NSK was founded in 1916 and produced the first ball bearings made in Japan. Since then, the company has spearheaded the development of bearings in Japan. NSK now offers a full range of bearings and sells them worldwide.

What does NSK bearings stand for?

(日本精工株式会社, Nippon Seikō Kabushiki-gaisha, Japan Precision Company), also known in some markets as NSK Automation, is a large manufacturer of bearings globally and the largest in Japan. The company produces industrial machinery bearings, precision machinery and parts, and automotive bearings and components.

What does ZZ mean on a bearing?

2 Z / ZZ – Bearing with a metal seal on both sides. Z – Bearing with a metal seal on one side, one side open. E – Reinforced Design.

What does J mean on a bearing?

“J” Type: Two piece ribbon consisting of two halves that are assembled one half from one side, and the other half from the opposite side. Fold down tabs secure the two halves. This type of cage is guided by the balls. “Loose” clinch type provides lower torque.

Where are SKF bearings made?

AB SKF (Swedish: Svenska Kullagerfabriken; ‘Swedish Ball Bearing Factory’) is a Swedish bearing and seal manufacturing company founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1907….SKF.

Headquarters of SKF in Gothenburg, Sweden (2020)
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What bearings are made in Japan?

Are NSK Bearings any good?

NSK is a global bearing company with over 100 years of history. It offers the highest levels of safety and Japanese quality. Genuine NSK bearings are much more cost effective than fake bearings because they last much longer and you don’t have to pay for repairs caused by failures.

Which is better RS or ZZ bearing?

Among the most common bearing closures are the 2 RS and the 2 Z / ZZ. Type 2 RS is a sealing type with a moulded rubber seal on both sides. RS provides a better seal and protection in contaminated environments but causes increased rolling friction than 2 Z as this type of seal makes contact with the inner ring.