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How do I insert a list of tables in Word 2013?

How do I insert a list of tables in Word 2013?

To create a combined list of tables and figuresAfter the table of contents, click where you want to insert the list.In the Insert menu, pull down to Index and Tables.Click Table of Figures.Check Include label and number, Show page numbers, Right align page numbers. Click Options. Click OK. Click OK.

How do you insert a table of context in Word?

Click where you want to insert the table of contents usually near the beginning of a document. Click References > Table of Contents and then choose an Automatic Table of Contents style from the list.

How do I insert a dot in a table of contents?

Change the layout of your table of contentsTo add a dot leader, or dotted line, between each entry and its page number, click the Tab leader list and then click the dotted line. To change the overall appearance of your table of contents, click the Formats list, and then click the format that you want.

How do I only show Level 1 in table of contents?

Click in your table of contents. Now click the References tab, click Table of Contents, and then click Insert Table of Contents. (You’re going to replace the existing table of contents with the one you want.) In the Show levels box, type the number of levels you want to display in the table of contents.

How do I edit a table of contents in Word 2013?

How to update a TOCScroll down to the first heading in your document (Early Career, for this example) and edit it to Early Life.Scroll back up to the top of the document and then, in the Table of Contents group of the References tab, choose Update Table. Select Update Entire Table, and then click OK.

How do I add a level 4 Table of Contents in Word?

Click ahead of the Table of Contents. Then, open the Table of Contents gallery, and click Custom Table of Contents > Options. The first three Heading Styles are mapped to the first three TOC levels. Scroll down to the new style, and map it to level 4, and click OK.

How do I create multiple table of contents in Word 2013?

Using Multiple Tables of ContentsPosition the insertion point at the location in the document where you want the table of contents.Display the References tab of the ribbon.At the left of the ribbon click the Table of Contents tool. Click Insert Table of Contents. Click on the Options button.

How do I create a table of contents from multiple Word documents?

How to create one table of contents from multiple documentsClick the Insert tab.From the Quick Parts dropdown (in the Text group), choose Field.Choose RD from the Fields Names list (RD stands for reference document). In the Filename or URL control, enter the name of the first document you want to include in the table of contents.

How do I arrange lines in Word?

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How do I create separate table of contents in appendix?

Word: Add a separate list of appendicesMake sure you know the name of the style you use for the appendix headings.Go to the References tab > Captions group.Click Insert Table of Figures.On the Table of Figures dialog box, click Options.Select the style you use for the appendix headings from the styles list. Check the Style checkbox.