How do I install mods for Star Wars Empire at War?

How do I install mods for Star Wars Empire at War?


  1. Visit the Steam Workshop for the Star Wars: Empire at War Gold Pack.
  2. Browse the various mods that are available for both EAW and FOC.
  3. Subscribe to any mods you wish to download.
  4. Load the game and from the main menu selection click OPTIONS and then the MODS button.

What is the best mod for Empire at War?

The best Star Wars: Empire at War mods are:

  • Republic at War.
  • Empire at War: Expanded – Thrawn’s Revenge.
  • Awakening the Rebellion.
  • Old Republic at War.
  • Ultimate Galactic Conquest Custom Edition.
  • Stargate – Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles.
  • Covenant at War.
  • Mass Effect at War.

Where do I get Empire at War mods?

You can get Star Wars Empire at War and its expansion, which you’ll need for the mod, pretty cheaply on Steam or GOG, just $6.99 for the winter sale. You can check out Empire at War Remake: Galactic Civil War on ModDB, or go straight to the 3.0 update. The mod community also has a Discord server.

Can you still play Empire at War?

In a collaboration between Disney and the original developers Petroglyph, a special patch has reactivated Empire at War’s online multiplayer, along with adding support for mods via Steam Workshop. If you already own Empire at War, the multiplayer update is available on Steam for free right now.

How do you get the Super Star Destroyer in Thrawn’s Revenge?

Unique Super Star Destroyers Appears during the second half of Era 1. Project Ambition must be purchased for 10.500 credits. The Lusankya will be lost when Grand Admiral Thrawn is recruited, thusly starting Era 2.

How many GB is Star Wars Empire at War?

RAM: 1 GB. Graphics Card: 256 MB graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support / ATI Radeon X1900 / NVIDIA 8600. Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible PCI, USB, or Onboard Audio Device. Internet: 1.5Mb DSL/Cable connection (required for multiplayer only)

Is Star Wars Empire at War cannon?

Players are also able to call on reinforcements during battle, including heroes like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Players can also construct planet-borne ion cannons, factories, and space stations.