How do I make CFA flashcards?

How do I make CFA flashcards?

The secret to effective flashcard use is in the method….CFA Flashcards: 7 Simple Tips to Create An Effective One

  1. Cover all CFA LOS bases.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Divide and conquer.
  4. Use paper flashcards.
  5. Write is right.
  6. Can’t spare the time for DIY flashcards?
  7. Small-dose learning is the best.

Is Kaplan notes enough for CFA Level 1?

Yes Schweser is sufficient for level 1. The Schweser notes and mock exams are all you need. Agreed.

Is there a Kaplan CFA app?

Kaplan Schweser Adaptive CFA Review is a revolutionary new app from the leader in CFA exam prep. Take your study plan on the go…and get the practice you need on your time. And best of all…it’s free!

Is Kaplan worth it for CFA?

The Kaplan Schweser prep is definitely my go-to when it comes to studying for the CFA. I do find that that the questions tend to be very easy, so if you really want to be prepared it’s good to go over the Kaplan materials and supplement it with CFA end of chapter questions.

Where can I get CFA study material?


  • Salt Solutions.
  • Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep.
  • FinQuiz.
  • Fitch Learning.
  • MyGuru.
  • Wiley Efficient Learning.
  • FAQs.
  • Are Kaplan questions harder than CFA?

    In my opinion, the CFAI online questions and the EOCs are a few notches more difficult than the actual exam questions. They’re designed to make you really understand what’s going on. I was scoring 60-65s in mocks for L1 and L2 (1 week before the exam) and ended up passing with flying colors come test day.

    Is getting a CFA worth it?

    In a Life on the Buy Side article, Mike Moran, CFA, said, “Successfully completing the program and earning your charter is a worthwhile endeavor. You never know what future the markets might hold for you, so the CFA Program offers a good base of knowledge to get you on your way.”

    What is a CFA salary?

    CFA charterholders earned an average of $280,454 in 2014, up from $239,215 in 2011, finds a CFA Societies Canada survey. The median compensation level of those surveyed was $147,550, meaning the highest income earners made significantly more than that. Read: Employers expect lower salary increases in 2016.

    Can I study CFA on my own?

    This question comes up often among candidates sitting for the CFA® exams. The answer is simple: NO! The CFA exam is unlike any other exam you will take Annually, many competent professionals around the world study for the exam on their own, sit for the exam, and fail.

    How does Kaplan Schweser teach the CFA Program?

    Instruction tools and OnDemand classes that leverage expert instructors to teach the CFA Program curriculum through engaging lectures and exam-based applications. Review products and OnDemand workshops to reinforce knowledge, allow you to practice with experts, and help you work on exam strategy.

    Do you get 50% off the Kaplan CFA Program?

    If you have failed elsewhere with an approved prep provider, you are eligible for 50% off a Kaplan Financial study package for the CFA Program. The offer is valid for Classroom Enhanced, Blended Enhanced, Tuition Plus, Distance Learning and Revision only.

    What do you need to know for CFA level 1?

    Level I of the CFA ® exam tests knowledge and comprehension of investment tools and ethical and professional standards. The curriculum mainly focuses on recalling formulas and definitions from memory, and most of the material is a straightforward introduction to the concepts covered.

    Are there mock exams for the CFA exam?

    Kaplan Schweser’s CFA Program Mock Exams now have the same interface as the real computer-based test. Have no surprises on exam day. Improve your performance with practice questions that reflect the actual CFA exam and short video explanations that help build your foundation of knowledge.