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How do I make playlists on my iPod?

How do I make playlists on my iPod?

Create playlists on iPod touch

  1. Tap Library, tap Playlists, then tap New Playlist.
  2. Touch and hold a song, album, or playlist; tap Add to a Playlist; then tap New Playlist.
  3. On the Now Playing screen, tap , tap Add to a Playlist, then tap New Playlist.

How do I make a video playlist?

Create a playlist

  1. Find a video you want in the playlist.
  2. Under the video, click Save .
  3. Select a playlist such as Watch Later, or a playlist you’ve already created, or click Create new playlist . If you create a playlist, enter a playlist name.
  4. Use the box to select your playlist’s privacy setting.
  5. Click Create.

How do I find playlists on my iPod touch?

View albums, playlists, and more in Music on iPod touch

  1. In the Music app, tap Library, then tap a category, such as Albums or Songs; tap Downloaded to view only music stored on iPod touch.
  2. Scroll to browse or swipe down the page and type in the search field to filter your results and find what you’re looking for.

How do I sync a playlist to my iPod?

iTunes 12 – Option 1

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
  2. Select the icon for your device, located at the upper-left portion of the screen.
  3. Select the “Music” option on the left pane.
  4. Ensure the “Sync Music” check-box is selected.
  5. In the “Playlists” section, check the playlists you wish to sync with your iOS device.

How do you transfer a playlist to an iPod?

There is another way to transfer playlists from iTunes to iPod. Just connect iPod to computer and open iMusic. Click the “Device” which on the top of iMusic. And then press “Transfer iTunes music to device”. Then some items will appear, select the playlist which you want to transfer.

How do you put music on an iPod Classic?

Connect your iPod classic to the computer. Open iTunes. If the sidebar is hidden, you can click “View” >”Show Sidebar”. Then, click your iPod classic under “Device”. Then, all info on your iPod classic is shown on the right. Click “Music”. In the music sync window, choose a sync type to sync music to your iPod classic.

How do I make a playlist on my computer?

Create a Playlist on Your Computer Open iTunes on your computer and find a song that you want to start a playlist with. Click the ellipsis button (the three dots) and choose Add to Playlist -> New Playlist. Click the name to change the title, and click the placeholder cover image to add one.

How do you create playlist in iTunes library?

Easy as abc if you follow the following steps. Open the iTunes app from your device. Go to the top bar and click on the icon “File.”. Select “New” and click on the drop down icon next to “New” and select “Playlist.”. The Playlist will automatically add itself immediately on the library list.