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How do I read an Excel file from SharePoint using SSIS?

How do I read an Excel file from SharePoint using SSIS?

Extract Data from SharePoint excel using SSIS

  1. Download 64 bit of Toolkit.
  2. Install it on your system where you have installed the SQL Server Data Tools.
  3. Create a new SQL Server Integration Projects.
  4. Drag and Drop the data flow task into the control flow.

How do I extract data from SharePoint using SSIS?

Extract Data from SharePoint List using SSIS

  1. Make sure to use the latest version of SQL Server Data Tools to work with SQL Server integration Projects.
  2. Use the Data Flow Task.
  3. You can see “OData Source” task.
  4. This OData Source task required a connection manager.
  5. Test the connection.

How do I download files from SSIS?

Method-2: Download file from URL using Download File Task

  1. Create new SSIS Package and open designer.
  2. Drag ZS Download File Task from SSIS Toolbox (Control Flow)
  3. Double click it to edit.
  4. Change Url Access Mode to Direct.
  5. In the target set target file path (e.g. c:\ssis\ )
  6. Click OK to save and Execute SSIS Package.

What is OData source in SSIS?

The Premium OData Source component is an SSIS data flow source component that can be used to read from OData endpoints. There are two pages that can be configured and worked with in the Premium OData Source component.

How add SharePoint manager to SSIS?

Right-click on the toolbox area to bring up the context menu, where you can select the “Choose Items…” option as shown below. You will be presented with a window called “Choose Toolbox Items”. Switch to “SSIS Data Flow Items” tab, and select SharePoint Destination and SharePoint Source components from the list.

How is SharePoint list data stored?

When you create a new List-Item in SharePoint, it is stored in the appropriate List-Item table in SQL down to an individual page. You can only store so many rows in an 8KB page, so depending on the type of list item, it may be stored across one or multiple pages.

How do I use REST API in SSIS?

Perform the following steps,

  1. Create package (package. dtsx) inside the SSIS project.
  2. Go the solution explorer and double click on project.params. It will provide you the screen to add project level parameters. (
  3. Drag the script task from SSIS toolbox on package design screen. Double click on the script task.

How do I connect SharePoint list to SSIS?

Connect SharePoint to SQL Server through SSIS

  1. Open Visual Studio and create a new Integration Services Project.
  2. Add a new Data Flow Task from the Toolbox onto the Control Flow screen.
  3. In the Data Flow screen, add a DataReader Source and an OLE DB Destination from the Toolbox.

How do you use a SharePoint list as a data source in your SSIS package?


  1. Create a Data Flow in your package.
  2. Go to the Data Flow tab and drag the SharePoint List Source into the data flow as your source.
  3. Double click on the source.
  4. Paste the URL for the SharePoint site into the SiteURL (exclude anything from the word Lists onward in the URL)

Can SSIS connect to SharePoint list?

When a SharePoint list is curated to the point that it is trustworthy as a source of data, it can be integrated into ETL processes using SSIS. Using the OData source in the SSIS data flow, you can easily retrieve data from a SharePoint list into your data pipeline.

How to export SharePoint sheet to SQL using SSIs?

See: You have to download the Excel file locally using HTTP . For reference check this script. Then you can use the regular Excel Source component to process the file.

How to download Excel from SharePoint to SQL Server?

I have tried the follow methods with zero luck. Method 1- I went to the sharepoint site and went to the library tab and selected the open with explorer link. I have used that link as the file location in the excel connection manager.

How can I download a file from SharePoint?

You can download files from SharePoint using the commercial third-party COZYROC File Transfer Task. SSIS Tasks Components Scripts Services |

How to save a file from SharePoint to local folder?

Create a variable called FilePath where you would like to save the file on local folder. Create the HTTP Connection to SharePoint File. Go to Connection Managers Pane and then right click and then choose New Connection. To get the Server URL ( Path to file on SharePoint).