How do I register for Total Army Sponsorship training?

How do I register for Total Army Sponsorship training?

The sponsorship training can be found at https://www.atrrs.army.mil/selfdevctr/ or through Army Knowledge Online (AKO) (Self-Service-My Education-ATRRS). Search “Total Army Sponsorship Training Course”, course number 1B-F43 (V). Click “register” and fill out the application (see figure 5-1).

How do you become a sponsor in the army?

How to Request a Sponsor

  1. Click the “Messages” dropdown menu, and then “DA Form 5434.”
  2. Click “Create New Form.”
  3. Fill out all applicable sections (Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5).
  4. Once completed, your sponsor will be notified and can begin providing you the information to better assist you in your move.

What is Army Tasp?

The Total Army Sponsorship Program, or TASP, mission is to help Soldiers, civilian employees and their families better integrate into the U.S. Army, and to assist them when they transition to different units. TASP ensures incoming Soldiers are assigned sponsors prior to reporting to their next duty station.

What is a DA 5434?

DA Form 5434 is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands. It is completed by the departing Soldier during initial reassignment interview or by the civilian employee following selection notification and acceptance of a position.

What is a sponsor in army?

Sponsors are trained service members who help newcomers settle into a new duty station. They are available to all military families, no matter where you are moving.

Where is OML on Army career tracker?

Soldiers previously seen by an evaluation board can track their OML status at the Army Career Tracker website at https://actnow.army.mil/.

How do you assign an act sponsor?


  1. Log on to Army Career Tracker (ACT) ✪
  2. Complete DA Form 5434.
  3. Click Create New Form.
  4. Fill out all applicable sections (Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5).
  5. Once complete, your sponsor will be notified.
  6. You will receive notification in the Messages section if your sponsor changes in ACT.

How do I contact an army sponsor?

If your sponsor hasn’t contacted you within a week after your online request, please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL THE SPONSORSHIP LIAISON OFFICE or call them at +49 (0)9802-83-2883 (DSN 314).