How do I reset my dial indicator?

How do I reset my dial indicator?

Rotate the face of the indicator until the “0” marking aligns with the dial. Tighten the knob afterward to lock the face in position. Twist the zero adjustment knob if your dial indicator does not feature a rotating face. Continue twisting the knob until the dial aligns with the “0” marking.

What is a dial test indicator?

A dial test indicator, also known as a lever arm test indicator or finger indicator, has a smaller measuring range than a standard dial indicator. A test indicator measures the deflection of the arm, the probe does not retract but swings in an arc around its hinge point.

How do you calibrate a dial gauge?

Detailed Procedure

  1. Using index finger, depress the IUT contact point slowly and evenly over the full range, slowly allow the contact point to return to its starting position.
  2. Securely position the attachment arm onto the indicator checker.
  3. Position the micrometer thimble and test indicator to obtain zero readings.

How do you use a dial indicator?

You do this by rotating the outer dial to position the zero mark directly opposite the needle regardless of where it is pointing. Once the indicator is zeroed you can take the measurement by moving the part in question. The indicator will show movement either positive or negative.

How do you adjust a dial gauge?

Raise the plunger and slip a 0.020-inch gauge block underneath. Lower the plunger onto the surface of the gauge block. Check that the indicator reads 0.020-inch. Raise and lower the plunger two more times to check that the dial indicator gives the same measurement in the same spot repeatedly.

What should be avoided while using dial indicator?

Don’t clamp indicator against the stem with a set screw. Too much pressure will make the rack spindle bind, causing the indicator to become sluggish and sticky. Don’t lock the indicator in position until you’ve set it carefully under proper gaging tension, that is, at least a quarter turn from its “at rest” position.

How do you maintain a dial indicator?

store dial indicators in a safe, dry place, and cover them to keep the dust and moisture out. test indicators under gaging conditions at intervals during the operating day. You can gage a part twice, then compare its readings to a master part. clean dials with soap and water, benzene or soft eraser.