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How do I reset my Regency fireplace remote?

How do I reset my Regency fireplace remote?

If it doesn’t work, you may need to reprogram your remote. On the receiver box, hit the “PROGRAM” button and you should hear 2 beeps, then on the remote, hit the “ON” button and you should hear 4 beeps.

How do I change my Regency remote to Fahrenheit?

Press and hold the “-” button. 3. While the “-” button is held down, press and release the “+” button, this will toggle the temperature display between °C and °F. This setting is stored in memory hence the Remote will continue to display the temperature in Fahrenheit even if the battery is replaced.

Should the pilot light always be on gas fireplace?

Should the pilot light always be on in a gas fireplace? Most gas fireplaces rely on a “continuous pilot light,” a type of pilot that remains lit so long as gas is flowing to the unit. If you have a continuous pilot light system, you should always see a pilot flame unless you have manually turned the system off.

What does auxiliary mean on my fireplace remote?

The auxiliary function controls the AUX power outlet on the Fan Control Module. Pressing the Up Arrow Key will activate the outlet. Pressing the Down Arrow Key will turn the outlet off.

Where can I download a Regency fireplace manual?

To download manuals, right-click on a link and choose “Save…”. All manuals are in PDF format and require you to have a PDF reader installed on your computer in order to view them. You can download the Adobe Reader for free from

What are the components of a proflame remote control system?

The Proflame Remote Control System consists of three elements: 1. Proflame Transmitter. 2. Proflame Receiver and a wiring harness to connect the Receiver to the gas valve, stepper motor and Fan Control Module. 3. Proflame Fan Control Module (FCM)

What does the GTMF proflame remote control system do?

The GTMF Proflame is a modular remote control system that directs the many PROFLAME 2 TRANSMITTER USE AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS functions of today’s hearth appliances. It is configured to control the on/off operation of the main burner and to provide thermostatic control of the appliance.

How can I troubleshoot my Regency TV remote?

TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR REGENCY REMOTE!! Always refer to your owner’s manual or go to the manufactures website for videos and more in-depth information. Check your remote to see if the battery symbol is displayed,if so the batteries need to be changed.