How do I restart inetd?

How do I restart inetd?

Howto restart inetd service / daemon under Linux

  1. Task: Start inetd service. Type the command: # /etc/init.d/inetd start.
  2. Task: Stop inetd service. Type the command: # /etc/init.d/inetd stop.
  3. Task: Restart inetd service. Type the command: # /etc/init.d/inetd restart.
  4. See also: FreeBSD: How to restart inetd service/Daemon.

How do I start Xinetd service in Linux?

Type the following command to verify xinetd service is running or NOT: # /etc/init. d/xinetd status Output: xinetd (pid 6059) is running…

How do I stop inetd?

/sbin/init. d/inetd stop , /sbin/init. d/start would kill all inetd process and restart.

What is inetd service in Linux?

inetd (internet service daemon) is a super-server daemon on many Unix systems that provides Internet services. For each configured service, it listens for requests from connecting clients.

How do I restart inetd on AIX?

conf file using any other editor, run the refresh -s inetd or kill -1 InetdPID command to inform the inetd daemon of the changes to its configuration file. If you run the refresh -s inetd command, the running services continue to run with old configuration until the services terminate and the new services are created.

What is the difference between Xinetd and inetd?

A. inetd is also known as super-server daemon and it runs on many Unix / Linux systems that manages Internet service such as ftp or pop3 or telnet. xinetd (eXtended InterNET Daemon) is also an open-source daemon which runs on many Unix / Linux systems and manages Internet-based services such as ftp or telnet.

Is it safe to restart Xinetd?

The command “systemctl restart xinetd” will not only restart xinetd, but in the process will also kill all processes that xinetd spawned, and all the processes that those processes spawn, and so on, ad infinitum (like telnet login sessions if in. telnetd is being managed via xinetd).

What is the difference between Xinetd and Inetd?

What is inetd mode?

Inetd Mode It is these servers, inetd/xinetd , that listen on the FTP port (usually 21) for connection requests, then start proftpd and pass the connection off. This mode is usually best suited for low traffic sites, for sites that do not handle many FTP sessions.

How do I enable inetd?

Use the command, based on your operating system:

  1. On AIX operating system, issue the command: refresh -s inetd.
  2. On the HP-UX operating system, issue the command: inetd -c.
  3. On the Linux operation system, issue the command: /etc/init.d/xinetd restart.

How do I know if Xinetd is running?

To determine the state and start the xinetd service:

  1. Log into the ESX host using an SSH client.
  2. Run the following command to verify that the xinetd service is running:
  3. If it is not running, xinetd is stopped will be returned.
  4. Run service xinetd status again to verify the service is now running.

What is inetd conf?

Description. The /etc/inetd. conf file is the default configuration file for the inetd daemon. This file enables you to specify the daemons to start by default and supply the arguments that correspond to the desired style of functioning for each daemon. This file is part of TCP/IP in Network Support Facilities.