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How do I submit to PLOS ONE?

How do I submit to PLOS ONE?

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  1. Article Type Selection. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the appropriate article type:
  2. Attach Files.
  3. ​General Information.
  4. Review Preferences.
  5. Additional Information.
  7. Manuscript Data.
  8. Send to PLOS.

Is it bad to publish in PLOS ONE?

In PLOS ONE, however, significance is not assessed. As long as the work achieves technical, scientific and ethical rigor, it will be published. This means that PLOS ONE could be a good choice for researchers who find their study has negative results, or that their hypothesis is wrong.

How do I submit my Mdpi?

Submission Process Manuscripts for Publications should be submitted online at The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process.

Is PLOS ONE a good journal?

PLOS ONE is indexed by Google, Web of Science, PubMed, etc.; hence, it is considered a good journal. Your paper will show up in literature searches on specific topics. Thus, publishing in PLOS ONE, or any indexed journal, will attract as many citations as a paper published elsewhere but only if your article is useful.

Is PLOS ONE a journal?

PLOS ONE is a peer reviewed scientific journal with a rigorous editorial screening and assessment process made up of several stages.

Is PLOS ONE a prestigious journal?

Is plos one a respectable journal?

Can a paper be rejected after major revision?

If you deal with the major revisions the right way, you can get published. And you can still be rejected after major revisions; therefore, you need to take particular care.

Is it free to publish in MDPI?

MDPI publishes all its journals in full open access, meaning unlimited use and reuse of articles, in addition to giving credit to the authors. are published free of charge.