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How do I tell how old my Kawai piano is?

How do I tell how old my Kawai piano is?

For Kawai grand pianos, the serial number is found on the iron plate under the music desk on the right side of the piano (near the tuning pins). You may have to “slide out” the music desk to see it.

How much does a Kawai upright piano cost?

K Series Professional Upright Pianos K Series Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (as of June 2019) range from $7,995 to $24,995.

Do Kawai pianos hold their value?

Generally speaking, upright pianos depreciate very quickly. Really old uprights are worth close to nothing, however, it’s possible to get a few hundred dollars from them. Quality uprights by Yamaha, Steinway, and Kawai generally sell for more. The age of the piano matters the most when it comes to depreciation.

Is Kawai piano a good brand?

Many of the reviews praise Kawai’s responsiveness and clear tone. Many reviewers comment on the exceptional amount of craftsmanship and engineering that goes into the Kawai brand. Overall, most people find the Kawai piano to be a great choice, particularly if you are looking for a warm, clear sound.

How long do Kawai pianos last?

Approximate Age. Our research indicates that the typical used Kawai piano from Japan is about 20-30 years old. This period in a piano’s life represents a transitional time for the instrument. Piano technicians know that a piano may require a major reconditioning during these later years.

Are Kawai pianos any good?

Kawai doesn’t make as many pianos as Yamaha, but you will still find Kawai products in many places. As far as quality is concerned most would agree that while there are some technical differences and some tonal differences, the two brands are regarded as high quality by professionals all around the world.

How long do Kawai digital pianos last?

I would suggest, to give an arbitrary figure, that you can expect at least 15 years out of your piano. Many manufacturers, such as Kawai, offer a ten year warranty on their pianos.

Which Kawai upright piano is the best?

Kawai K300
The 48” Kawai K300 is our best-selling Kawai upright piano. The height is ideal and the delightful tone projected by the tapered spruce soundboard is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. From sweet, soft pianissimos to reverberating fortissimos, the K300 will surpass your expectations.

How much is a Kawai piano worth?

Kawai Pianos for Sale | Buy a Kawai Piano at PianoMart

Year Details Price
Kawai k series piano $2,495
Kawai 48″ Upright piano $2,295
Kawai semi professional 48″ Upright piano $1,999
2014 ♠ Pristine Kawai K200 Satin Finish – One owner $4,250

Is Kawai digital piano good?

Sound engine that comes with this piano is pretty great. They have used Harmonic Imaging System – a process which is unique to Kawai, to sample their well known EX concert grand piano. The quality of reproduction and sound this configuration offers is impressive, to say the least.