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How do I track my passport from US embassy?

How do I track my passport from US embassy?

Track my passport by email

  1. Send an email to [email protected].
  2. In the subject and/or body enter only a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled.
  3. Do not enter any additional text. You will receive an automatic response with the status.

How do I know if my passport is ready for pickup?

Overview. If your visa application is approved, your passport and visa can be collected from the pickup location you selected when you scheduled for interview appointment. When your passport is available at selected location you will receive an email and an SMS that your passport is “Ready for Pick Up”.

How can I check my passport stamping status online?

Check Visa Status With Passport Number

  1. Visit the official visa website of the country of visit.
  2. Find the option of tracking the visa application status.
  3. Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth.
  4. Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.

How do I check my US passport status?

Check By Phone Call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY) to speak to a Customer Service Representative (Se habla español) on Mondays-Fridays from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time (excluding federal holidays).

Can we collect passport from US consulate on same day?

If you opted to pick the passport from the 11 service centers then the passport has to be collected within 14 days; or if you opted for one of the 22 Blue Dart Courier service locations then the passport has to be picked within 7 days; otherwise it will be sent back to the Embassy or Consulate.

How long can US consulate hold my passport?

for 90 days
We will hold your new passport for 90 days. After that we will return them to the Department of State in the U.S. That is why our policy is now to return passports and CRBAs via courier.

How long can US consulate keep passport?