How do I update my BIOS on my MSI laptop?

How do I update my BIOS on my MSI laptop?

How To Update MSI BIOS

  1. Step 1: Download the BIOS update.
  2. Step 2: Transfer Update File to USB Flash Drive.
  3. Step 3: Restart PC and Enter BIOS.
  4. Step 4: Use USB to flash BIOS.
  5. Step 5: Select the BIOS update file.
  6. Step 6: System will restart, BIOS is updated.

Does MSI have a BIOS update utility?

Go to MSI official website, search your motherboard and download the latest BIOS. Find the required BIOS file, and click on the arrow pointing down icon to download.

Is it safe to update MSI BIOS?

Update BIOS can improve hardware compatibility and sometimes provide new features for your desktop. However, MSI do not recommend to upgrade BIOS if system works stable. Because the upgrade failed might cause system won’t start again.

Does MSI support Windows 7?

1. Check compatibility with your MSI laptop with Windows 7. As you can see, our laptop is compatible with Windows 7 (64 Bit).

Should I update BIOS?

Updating your computer’s operating system and software is important. BIOS updates will not make your computer faster, they generally won’t add new features you need, and they may even cause additional problems. You should only update your BIOS if the new version contains an improvement you need.

How do I know if my MSI BIOS is up to date?

For example, at MSI it is called Live Update. The utility can automatically find BIOS updates on its own. To do this, run it and go to the BIOS Update section. -Then click Scan: We see whether updates are available.

What happens if you don’t update BIOS?

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Update Your BIOS If your computer is working properly, you probably shouldn’t update your BIOS. You likely won’t see the difference between the new BIOS version and the old one. If your computer loses power while flashing the BIOS, your computer could become “bricked” and unable to boot.

Should I update my BIOS before installing Windows 10?

A System Bios update is required before upgrading to the this version of Windows 10.

What happens after updating BIOS?

BIOS updates aren’t big software upgrades that add new features, security patches, or performance improvements. BIOS updates typically have very short change logs—they may fix a bug with an obscure piece of hardware or add support for a new model of CPU.

What is the benefit of updating BIOS?

Some of the reasons for updating the BIOS include: Hardware updates—Newer BIOS updates will enable the motherboard to correctly identify new hardware such as processors, RAM, and so on. If you upgraded your processor and the BIOS doesn’t recognize it, a BIOS flash might be the answer.