How do you beat Super mortar?

How do you beat Super mortar?

The recommended way to destroy a Super Mortar is to use a Warrior composition. The Warriors run fast enough to avoid any of the Super Mortar’s shots as they approach it. When they get close to the Super Mortar, shock it. Make sure you do not hit your Warriors.

What does Dr T stand for boom beach?

Tropical Base
T island known as Tropical Base appears every three days and starts at level 9 and progressively increases in difficulty, making it an easier event for lower level players. This event is known colloquially as Tropical Dr. T.

Who are the villains in Boom Beach?

Blackguard is the main antagonistic organization in the game Boom Beach.

What to do at Hammerman’s headquarters in Boom Beach?

Hammerman’s Headquarters 10, Lvl 60 Troops: 56 Warriors (Lvl18) Use a Barrage to take down all the Mines at the far right, to clear the path for you Warriors. Unload your Landing Crafts to the far right. Use a Flare on the right Mortar. Make sure to use multiple Smoke Screens along the entire way there, keep your troops in the Smoke at all time.

How many bases does Lt Hammerman have in Boom Beach?

Lt. Hammerman has 10 bases scattered across the map and are known as Hammerman’s HQ. These seem to be his command centers overseeing his conquest. These bases are not limited in the types and number of defenses it may have like players’ bases are. There are also unique weapons which are used in these bases various times.

How to support your warriors in Boom Beach?

Use Medkits and Shock Bombs as a support. Walkthrough: Deploy your Warriors on the right side of the beach. Take out the Sniper Tower, then take down as many Supplies as you can before receiving fire from the Flamethrowers. Put a Medkit near the back of both Flamethrowers and Flare your Warriors to the HQ.

What to do when your warriors reach the machine gun?

When your Warriors reach the Machine Gun, Flare them to the Headquarters and cover them with Smoke Screens as they run to it. As the Smoke Screen covering the Warriors on the Headquarters dissipates, Shock Bomb the Super Mortars and MMGs. Your Warriors will take down the Headquarters easily.