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How do you chat on transformice?

How do you chat on transformice?

To use a chat command, type a forward slash ( / ) into the chat window followed by the command name. Commands are not visible to other players, and they must be entered into the main chat window to function. Below is a full list of commands supported by Transformice.

How do you whisper someone on transformice?

You can whisper by using the /c *username* *message* or /w *username* *message* commands, or by clicking on someone’s username and then clicking Whisper below their username. You can also click on Whisper (tab) to have a separate tab for the whisper conversation with this specific person.

How do you chat in cafe transformice?

Entering the /cafe chat command causes cafe buttons to appear and bounce around the screen. This command has no limit, and can be spammed infinitely to the point of covering every last pixel of your screen.

How do you use the totem in transformice?

Click on the feather next to the help/rules and click on “Edit your totem”. This will take you to map 444, where you can create your totem. You can use up to 20 objects (but only one world anchor) in the creation of your totem.

How do you talk to your tribe in transformice?

The “/t” command allows you to chat within your tribe ( T will also allow tribe chat). Joining a tribe with many members usually results in having your chat box spammed with messages, however as of V0. 114a, the command “/mt” mutes/unmutes your tribe chat.

How many saves do you need for hard mode Transformice?

After a mouse first hits 1000 mice saved, they need to restart the game, Transformice, for them to unlock Hard mode as a setting.

How do I leave my transformice tribe?

To leave a tribe, members can go to the tribe screen and press the “X” beside their name, or if you go on the tribe screen and hit options, a button will say leave tribe.

How do you unlock titles in Transformice?

Titles are unlockable words or phrases you can apply to your mouse. They appear below the names of players. All new players begin with one title—Little Mouse, and can earn more by completing specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one to your mouse at any time.

How does a chat command work in Transformice?

Chat commands are words followed by a solidus mark ( /) which can be entered into the chat box in Transformice. When you use a command, it will not be visible to other players, unless the function of the command is to do so. Commands differ from normal controls in that they must be entered into the chat box, and usually do not affect gameplay.

How to mute the tribe chat on Transformice?

Messages will appear in a green color and only online people in the same tribe as you will see the messages. You can use the /tc, /t*, or /mt commands to open the tribe chat in a new tab. The /mt command would mute the tribe chat before, but was removed in an unknown update to discourage spam.

How can I help the Transformice Wiki Wiki?

You can help the Transformice Wiki by expanding it . An example of a totem. A totem is a pre-made structure that can be spawned once per map, made individually by any shaman who can use hard mode (has saved over 1,000 mice).

Is there a chat command for Transformice 4th birthday?

While not a chat command, you can also gain the Transformice 4th birthday badge by performing the action sequence “confetti, dance, confetti, clap, kiss” (don’t do it too fast, also must be done on either map 0 or a user-made map). You can also obtain a Cheese Earring for free by registering your email. List all the maps you have created.