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How do you conduct a peer review session?

How do you conduct a peer review session?

Planning for Peer Review SessionsThink about logistics.Specify tasks for the peer review.Model how to use the workshop sheet or criteria list before peer review.Consider sequencing the peer-review tasks in multiple workshops.Provide adequate time for students to conduct thorough peer review of drafts.

How do you conduct a review session?

Start the review session by laying out an agenda, then stick to it. Here are a couple of strategies. Start by polling the audience as to what question or problem students would like you to do. Write each response on the board, putting similar requests together (or whatever organizational system works best).

How do you write a peer critique?

Writing a Peer Reviews for Writ….Approaching Peer Review, and reading the draft:Take it seriously. Know the assignment. Intend to be constructive. Familiarize yourself with the piece. Make notes on the paper. Understand the piece before critiquing it, or at least understand what it is that you don’t get.

How do I find reviewers?

Top tips to become a peer reviewerContact editors directly: Email the managing editor of journals that interest you, describe your area of expertise and ask to be added to their reviewer database. Join researcher networks: Sign up to the online networks associated with your field and reach out to editors on there.