How do you do a while loop in Teradata?

How do you do a while loop in Teradata?

REPLACE PROCEDURE Test3 (IN TbName VARCHAR(256)) –, OUT r2 VARCHAR(3000)) BEGIN DECLARE RowCnt INT; DECLARE i INT; DECLARE CurrRow INT; DECLARE r VARCHAR(3000); DECLARE r2 VARCHAR(3000); SET CurrRow = 1; SET r = ‘SELECT ‘; SET RowCnt = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tableWithSQLStmnts WHERE tabname = :TbName ); WHILE CurrRow < …

How are variables used in Teradata?

How do I use variables in Teradata SQL Assistant?

  1. The Teradata syntax for inserting variables into your code is to use a question mark followed by the variable name (with no space after the question mark). For example: sel * from table.
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How do I create a stored procedure in Teradata?

Teradata stored procedure is created from the following commands: BTEQ utility using the COMPILE command….Following is the syntax of the CREATE PROCEDURE statement.

  1. CREATE PROCEDURE ( [parameter 1 data type, parameter 2 data type..] )
  2. BEGIN.
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  4. END;

Does Teradata use SQL?

SQL: Teradata supports SQL to interact with the data stored in tables. It provides its extension. Robust Utilities: Teradata provides robust utilities to import/export data from/to Teradata systems like FastExport, FastLoad, MultiLoad, and TPT.

How do you write a while loop in SQL Server?

SQL While loop syntax The while loop in SQL begins with the WHILE keyword followed by the condition which returns a Boolean value i.e. True or False. The body of the while loop keeps executing unless the condition returns false. The body of a while loop in SQL starts with a BEGIN block and ends with an END block.

Does Teradata support CTE?

In Teradata, Common Table Expression (CTE) is supported as other databases. You can create recursive CTE or use a reference of a CTE to another CTE. However there is a slight differences compared with other databases – The referenced CTE must be present after the referencing CTE.

What are volatile tables in Teradata?

Volatile Table. Volatile tables are created, used and dropped within a user session. Their definition is not stored in data dictionary. They hold intermediate data of the query which is frequently used.

What are stored procedures in Teradata?

A stored procedure, a database object executed on the Teradata Database, is a combination of SQL statements and control and condition handling statements that provide an interface to the Teradata Database. The term stored procedure refers to a stored procedure you write with SQL statements.

How do I call a stored procedure in Teradata?

Use the Teradata SQL CALL statement to execute a stored procedure interactively: CALL samplesp1 (8888, pAmount); If the procedure is created with parameters, specify the parameter arguments within the parenthesis.

How does MultiLoad work in Teradata?

MultiLoad can load multiple tables at a time and it can also perform different types of tasks such as INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE and UPSERT. It can load up to 5 tables at a time and perform up to 20 DML operations in a script. The target table is not required for MultiLoad.