How do you do data reconciliation in Informatica?

How do you do data reconciliation in Informatica?

Reconciliation is a process to insure the data integrity. Informatica Power Center can be used for reconciliation process at data level and database level both. Data reconciliation is element level checking where each element is valid. This includes matching the source and reflecting an accurate, valid value.

What is reconciliation in ETL?

Data reconciliation (DR) is a term typically used to describe a verification phase during a data migration where the target data is compared against original source data to ensure that the migration architecture has transferred the data correctly.

What are the data reconciliation process?

Data reconciliation (DR) is defined as a process of verification of data during data migration. In this process target data is compared with source data to ensure that the migration architecture is transferring data.

What is Informatica testing?

Informatica Data Validation Option provides the ETL testing automation and management capabilities to ensure that your production systems are not compromised by the data update process. This type of ETL testing validates that the data values after a transformation are the expected data values.

What is reconciliation tool?

What is Account Reconciliation Software? Bank account reconciliation software centralises the financial close process and automates it for businesses. The software pulls data from the general ledger and compares it to bank statements and invoices to quickly reconcile accounts.

Is Informatica difficult to learn?

Informatica is an informative tool which is easy to understand and implement simultaneously. As compared to other SQL tools in the market, it is far better and advanced technology.

What is Informatica BDM used for?

Informatica Big Data Management (BDM) product is a GUI based integrated development tool. This tool is used by organizations to build Data Quality, Data Integration, and Data Governance processes for their big data platforms.

Is Informatica easy to learn?

How many days will it take to learn Informatica?

If you can spend a good amount of time, then you can learn Informatica in just one month, but there are some prerequisites you should have a thorough working knowledge of SQL, especially functions, joins, sub-queries, etc. Knowledge of PL/SQL is also recommended.