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How do you format a table of contents in APA?

How do you format a table of contents in APA?

Table of Contents FormatTitle the page Table of Contents and center the title at the top of the page.Use an outline format for the different sections of your paper. All main headings should be flush-left.Sub-headings should be indented five spaces.All entries should use title case.

How do I format a table of contents in Word for Mac?

Format the text in your table of contentsGo to References > Table of Contents > Custom Table of Contents.Select Modify. In the Styles list, click the level that you want to change and then click Modify.In the Modify Style pane make your changes.Select OK to save changes.

How do you do APA format on a Mac?

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How do I make a table of contents in pages for Mac?

Place the insertion point where you want the table of contents to appear, then do one of the following:Add a TOC for the whole document: Click the Insert Table of Contents button at the bottom of the Table of Contents sidebar. Add a TOC for this section: Choose Insert > Table of Contents > Section.

How do you customize a table of contents in pages?

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How do I create a table of contents in Keynote?

Keynote is a screen based presentation application, therefore automatically creating a table of contents would be somewhat out with its functionality, so no there is no such feature. You can create this manually of course or import the text from a page layout application such as In Design or Microsoft Word.

How do you create a table of contents on a Macbook Air?

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How do I add a dot in a table of contents in pages?

Change the layout of your table of contentsTo add a dot leader, or dotted line, between each entry and its page number, click the Tab leader list and then click the dotted line. To change the overall appearance of your table of contents, click the Formats list, and then click the format that you want.

How do I align page numbers in table of contents?

1 AnswerAccess the paragraph formatting window. In the paragraph formatting window, click “Tabs.”Under “Tab stop position,” enter 6. Do this to all of your TOC headings, and your numbers will be aligned perfectly.

How do you remove table of contents formatting in Word?

Delete a table of contentsGo to References > Table of Contents.Select Remove Table of Contents..

How do I turn a table of contents into plain formatted text?

Ctrl-Shift-F9 converts the TOC to plain text. The formatting most likely has to do with the TOC and/or heading Styles.

How do I copy a table of contents format?

First save your document. Then select your TOC and press Ctrl-6 or Ctrl-Shift-F9. Copy your TOC to a separate document (or delete the remainder of your document) and email to the person you want. Close the document without saving changes.

How do you remove heading styles without losing formatting?

Remove Styles from Text in Word: InstructionsTo remove styles using the “Clear Formatting” command, select the text from which you want to remove the style.Then click the “More” button in the “Styles” button group of the “Home” tab in the Ribbon.Then choose the “Clear Formatting” command from the list of menu options.

How do I remove the header from a table of contents?

Instead of modifying the properties of the style, I stumbled across a very easy way to do this:Highlight the text.Go to ‘References’Click on the ‘Add Text’ pull-down menu.Check Do Not Show in Table of Contents.

How do I remove header formatting in Word?

You can also delete a header from a single page.Go to Insert > Header or Footer, and then select Remove Header or Remove Footer.If your document has more than one section, repeat this process for each section.