How do you get casus belli in Victoria 2?

How do you get casus belli in Victoria 2?

Must be civilized. Target must be uncivilized and have more than one state. Cede selected territory (not the capital state) as colony. Target must be an uncivilized country with only one state OR no more than 4 states if attacker is a great power and has researched Nationalism and Imperialism.

What is infamy vic2?

Infamy (called “badboy” in the game files) is a value that represents a country’s overall threat to other nations. When the infamy of any nation becomes 25 or higher, all other nations of the world will take notice and may declare a punitive war to maintain the global balance of power.

How do you start a protectorate in Victoria 2?

Establishing a protectorate is the same like conquering/annexing a nation. In every case you should choose the ‘establishing protectorate’ option as you obtain 8 infamy instead of 20. Even though in case of success you’ll get only 2 instead of 10 prestige points.

How do you add Wargoals in Victoria 2?

go to the diplomacy screen, select “Show Wars”, and select the appropriate country. If the war is going well enough, you may add a wargoal by clicking the “add wargoal” button under the country’s rankings.

How do you cheat in Victoria 2?

Victoria 2 Cheats and Console Commands

  1. addresearch(addr) [techname] – Adds research at specified name. (
  2. blockade – Blockade province.
  3. conquerall [country tag] – Set all enemy provinces under our control.
  4. debug allmoney – Shows info for money transfers.
  5. debug alwaysaddwargoal – Removes limits for wargoal.

How do I lower my militancy in Victoria 2?

Factors that reduce Militancy:

  1. Everyday needs met.
  2. Luxury needs met.
  3. Like ruling party.
  4. Conservative ideology.
  5. Troops stationed nearby.
  6. Failed revolt: the more rebel soldiers injured the greater militancy is reduced.

How do I lower my infamy?

The event used to decrease infamy is the “Liberty Prevails” event (event ID 18540). This event gives you the option of losing either 2 infamy and gaining prestige, or losing 3 infamy. Run the above command as many times as you like, until your infamy is at the number you want.

Can you annex puppets in Victoria 2?

Yes, there is no option to release the puppet in the game. There are some mods that have implemented a sort of national decision, that allows you to release puppet. But in vanilla, there is unfortunately none.

How do you stop being a puppet in Victoria 2?

A puppet-master relationship can be cancelled in five ways:

  1. The master nation ceases to exist, while the puppet continues to exist.
  2. A revolution in either of the countries happen.
  3. The puppet rises to great power status.
  4. A cancel puppet casus belli.
  5. Certain events and decisions.

How do I increase my prestige in Victoria 2?

Prestige can be gained by:

  1. Claiming colonies.
  2. Winning battles (bigger battles give more prestige)
  3. Winning wars: various war justifications yield limited amounts of prestige.
  4. Enacting reforms.

How do I get rid of truce in Victoria 2?

Second Lieutenant. You can beak the truce just by acquiring a casus belli against the nation in question.

How do you get prestige in Victoria 2?