How do you get Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Lost World?

How do you get Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Lost World?

Once you gather all 140 Red Rings, you’ll be able to play as Super Sonic in every level. You’ll need to collect 50 rings in the desired level, then tap on the Chaos Emerald that will appear near the top right corner of your gamepad screen.

How do you get 7 Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Heroes?

To get this you must beat story mode with every team and get all seven chaos emeralds. Hint: use Rose Team to get the chaos emeralds, because their action stages are easier and you can’t get hurt that much in them. Remember – if you get hurt you lose the key to the special stage, so be careful.

What happens when you get all 6 Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 1?

In each of the Special Stages, the goal is to reach the end of their rotating mazes and collect one of the six Chaos Emeralds. Collecting all six Emeralds unlocks the good ending of the game.

What can the Chaos Emeralds do?

The power of each Chaos Emerald is described as being able to “transform thoughts into power”; by “sensing” people’s thoughts, the Chaos Emeralds can generate the chaos energy they contain which make them everlasting sources of energy. Oppositely, the Emeralds can absorb the chaos energy exposed to them.

Do you need the Chaos Emeralds to beat Sonic Heroes?

When the player has completed both Acts of one of the seven Zones in the game, they are able to access its Special Stage without any other general requirements. Collecting Chaos Emeralds unlocks the Time Eater challenge at the end of the game. Only Modern Sonic is able to access them.

How do you get Sonic Heroes ending?

After completing the game with each team and obtaining the seven Chaos Emeralds, the player will unlock the Last Story, which is the epilogue of the entire game and shows its true ending.

Can humans use the Chaos Emeralds?

Some people can use the emerald, some the ruby, etc. Shadow is a bit closer to the middle of things, able to inherently use chaos energy techniques and power up said techniques with the emeralds, as well as go Super himself. Dr.

Can anyone use the Chaos Emeralds?

Those that hold the Chaos Emeralds can use them for a variety of things, such as warping time and space, powering machines, and initiating super transformations. Anyone who combines all seven Chaos Emeralds can control unimaginable power.

Does Eggman dies in Sonic Lost World?

They then start to use one of Eggman’s machines to siphon energy from Sonic’s world below, planning to drain all of its life force until there is nothing left and use it to power themselves up. After Eggman is seemingly killed, Sonic comes across the Deadly Six as they prepare to use the roboticized Tails against him.