How do you get costumes in re6?

How do you get costumes in re6?

Costumes. All EX1 Costumes are unlocked by playing with the DEFAULT costume of a character in The Mercenaries or The Mercenaries No Mercy and obtaining an “A” or “S” on either SOLO or DUO mode in every version of the game.

Can you change costumes in re6?

You can only change your costume if you’ve unlocked one by getting an A rank or higher with that character, and then you can press left or right on the d-pad to select their costumes while choosing your character.

How do you unlock costume 2 in re6?

User Info: ExtendUnlimited. Costume 1 – Get A Rank with the main 7 protagonists on The Mercenaries mode or on the No Mercy version. Costume 2 – Keep playing Onslaught mode and eventually you unlock costumes for all 7 main protagonists.

Does Carla have a costume in Resident Evil 6?

Carla is a playable character in the extra modes in Resident Evil 6. She can be unlocked after unlocking all of the other characters and costumes. She is only playable in one costume.

How do you unlock maps on re6 mercenaries?

In order to unlock them, it seems you have to play them in sequential order. So, since the first three maps are given already it seems you must start on the “Mining the Depths” map and earn an “A” rank on that map with any character. Doing so unlocked the “Rail Yard” map.

What happened to piers in Resident Evil 6?

Piers, to Chris. Piers Nivans (c. 1987-1 July 2013) was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), a UN-controlled military devoted to combating bioterrorism. Nivans was killed in July 2013 when an underwater research complex self-destructed.

How do you unlock Sherry in re6?

Helena, Piers, and Sherry are unlocked by getting at least a B rank on the maps Urban Chaos, Steel Beast, and Mining the Depths respectively. Ada is unlocked by finishing her campaign and Carla is unlocked when all characters and Costume 1’s are unlocked.

How do you unlock Sherry Birkin in mercenaries?

Can you play as Sherry in re6?

Unlocking Sherry requires a successful B rank on the ‘Mining the Depths’ stage. Keep practising, and Sherry will be playable before you know it!

How do you unlock piers in re6 mercenaries?

Is Piers alive in re6?

He is definitely dead. After reading everyone’s comments again, I guess Piers really did die, though I find it amazing of what he did, he didn’t just die, he died doing a sacrifice.