How do you get past the blizzard in Spirit Tracks?

How do you get past the blizzard in Spirit Tracks?

Use the whirlwind and redirect the rocks back at them in order to defeat them. Use the whirlwind to move along the water and to the area at the south, where there is a treasure chest containing a red rupee. Jump back on the block and make your way around the water defeating all the octives in your way.

How do you get to the snow temple in Spirit Tracks?

Make the path go through the torch, then bounce between Link and the far shore. Cross the ice to open the treasure chest (4/5) for the Small Key. Make a path across the ice to the locked door in the southwest corner. Enter the door and you’ll be surrounded by Freezards.

Where can I find ICE Spirit Tracks?

You get it in the Forest Temple.

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Where is ferrus Spirit Tracks?

Snow Realm
Link has to find out where they have been taken, and pick Ferrus up. The first location is the track above Snow Sanctuary. The second location is north of Goron Village, and the last one is south of the Forest Temple….Ferrus.

Race Hylian
Games Spirit Tracks
Location Snow Realm

How do you make mega ice?

Mega Ice is a type of large and thick ice from Spirit Tracks. Link must first safely transport the Anouki, Noko, to Wellspring Station in the Snow Realm. Once he has done so, Noko will spend some time preparing and creating the ice in the spring’s fresh and clean waters. When he is finished, he offers it to Link.

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How do you activate warp gates in Spirit Tracks?

Link must blow the whistle until the portal becomes wide enough for the Spirit Train to warp through it, out to the sister gate on the other side. Once the gate pair is activated they can be used in either direction.

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Where are the Spirit Tracks rabbits in Zelda?

Grass Rabbit #10 – South of the Tower of Spirits, and on the south side of the tracks. Link must first collect Force Gem #12 . Snow Rabbit #1 – Just west of Anouki Village on the north side of the tracks. Snow Rabbit #2 – Just northeast of Anouki Village on the west side of the tracks.

Is the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks a DS game?

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the fifteenth main installment of The Legend of Zelda series. It is the second Zelda game for the Nintendo DS . This is a tale from long ago. It’s the tale of the first settlers of this land.

Where are Zelda’s tracks in Legend of Zelda?

Zelda then asks Link to take her to the Tower of Spirits to find out why the tracks disappeared, until she realizes that the tracks are gone, and the only way to get to the tower now is by an old tunnel in the back of the castle. When Link and Zelda reach the Tower of Spirits, they meet a strange old woman named Anjean, who calls herself a Lokomo.

What does Princess Zelda give Link in Spirit Tracks?

A hundred years later, in Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda is seen handing Link a diploma, honoring him as an official Royal Engineer. At the same time, however, Zelda also slips Link a personal message stating that she has been suspicious of Chancellor Cole, Princess Zelda’s right-hand adviser.