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How do you get the moon on disco zoo?

How do you get the moon on disco zoo?

The Moon is the eleventh region of the game. It is accessible via the Moon Launcher, which is unlocked upon reaching max level in 15 different habitats.

What is the lion pattern in Disco Zoo?

Build Time 45m 0s

How do you get the Timeless animals in disco zoo?

The time machine is used to unlock timeless animals. The time machine can be activated after you have collected 10 regions with 10 animals of every kind. (For example: For the farm region you need 10 pigs, 10 sheep, 10 rabbits, 10 cows, 10 horses and 10 unicorns.)

How do I get better at disco zoo?

Disco Zoo: Top 10 tips and tricks to grow your animal population as fast as possible!

  1. Learn animal patterns early on, or buy the ZooPedia.
  2. Animal tiles are almost always connected to another.
  3. Wait to start a disco until you have a good stock of animals.
  4. Only use DiscoBux during rescues if mythical animals are involved.

What does prep for space mean in disco zoo?

Space Requests allow you to earn Space Coins. You will be presented with three requests for animals to send to space. When you rescue a maxed out animal you are given the option to either “free” or “prep for space”. If you “prep for space” you do not receive any coins.

What happens when you max out 15 pens in disco zoo?

Statues can be earned when specified amounts of each animal are released. After maxing out 15 pens, the two space regions of Moon and Mars are unlocked. When a disco is not in progress, animals are subject to falling asleep after a specified time, after which they will not earn coins until the user wakes them up.

What is the rarest animal in disco zoo?

Disco Zoo Guide: Animal Types, Patterns and Stats

  • Tiddalik. Rarity: Mythical.
  • Fox. Rarity: Rare.
  • Sasquatch. Rarity: Mythical.
  • Penguin. Rarity: Common. Coins per min: 7.
  • Seal. Rarity: Common. Coins per min: 7.
  • T-Rex. Rarity: Rare. Coins per min: 11.
  • Triceratops. Rarity: Rare. Coins per min: 11.
  • Dragon. Rarity: Mythical. Coins per min: 11.

How many timeless animals are there in disco zoo?

There are a total of seven animals exclusive to each of the twelve regions, three common animals, two rare animals, a mythical animal, and an elusive timeless animal.

What does the piggy bank do in Disco Zoo?

The Piggy Bank is a feature that allows players to save up gems and exchange the same amount for: a percentage of extra gems; more coins; and a random item.

How do you get a lot of money in disco zoo?

Stay logged in for as long as possible Being in the game, even if you are not on a rescue mission not only gives you the chance to earn more coins in Disco Zoo, but also opens up the door for random events. For example, if some animals are lost, you should look for them in the zoo and you will get free Zoo Bucks.

How many animals can you prep for space disco zoo?

You can prep any animal for space, but only 10 of each animal can be prepped for space at a time.

How do you get the rocket ship in disco zoo?

First, you need to unlock the launchpad and spacepen. To get these you need to “max out” the levels of 15 different species in your zoo. Maxing out means collecting 25 animals in the same species. Once you’re done, you can take Space reQuest missions from the spacepen.

How long does it take to fill a zoo in Disco Zoo?

You’re told everything you need to know – animals make money until they fall asleep – within five minutes of starting the game, and filling your zoo just takes time and dedication. But if there is one thing that will help you speed up your zoo collection, it’s knowing the exact patterns of the animal tiles in the rescue mini-game.

Is there a free zoopedia for Disco Zoo?

To help speed up your animal collecting and expand your zoo, here’s a free ZooPedia on animals patterns and their respective stats. Find the ZooPedia helpful? Check out other tips and tricks in my DiscoZoo guide right here.

Are there different animal patterns in Disco Zoo?

If you’re wasting too many coins in Disco Zoo playing the animal rescue mini-game, you may not have realized that each animal has its own distict pattern! To help speed up your animal collecting and expand your zoo, here’s a free ZooPedia on animals patterns and their respective stats.

Where can I find the Outback in Disco Zoo?

The Outback can be reached via the OutHopper, with the initial rescue having a cost of 110 , incrementing at a rate of +20 for each subsequent rescue until reaching a cap of 4,000 . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.