How do you get tokens fast in top eleven?

How do you get tokens fast in top eleven?

The most straightforward method of earning Tokens is with TV Rights. When you start out, you’ll only have access to the first two TV sponsorships: one gives you a free token every day, while the other gives you a free token every day you login, with an extra token if you play the game four days in a row!

How do you increase quality in top eleven?

7 tips to manage your way to greatness with Top Eleven

  1. Choose the right formation for you and your players.
  2. Build a strong foundation on and off the pitch.
  3. Take the time to tailor your training.
  4. Budget sensibly with the Finance section.
  5. Make the most of the Top Eleven community.
  6. Make use of the updated squad sizes.

How do you win at top eleven?

Try to mark all the opponent’s attacking players. -Then play long balls for the counter-attack. Don’t play Short ball because you cannot win against the strong opponent’s players.

How do you make money on top eleven?

Cash can be earned in a variety of ways:

  1. Signing a sponsorship deal.
  2. Selling a player on the Transfer list.
  3. Earning prizes from competitions.
  4. Ticket sales.
  5. Selling merchandise.
  6. Getting a Bank Loan from in the Club Shop menu.
  7. Completing various offers and surveys from affiliated partners.

How do you get tokens on top eleven?

While Top Eleven is free to play, we do offer the option to purchase in-game currency (Tokens) for real money….You can see all the payment options currently available for you at:

  1. → click Play now → click Buy Tokens.
  2. Our Facebook app → click Buy Tokens.
  3. Our mobile app → click the “T” (Token) icon.

How do you use tokens in top eleven?

– On, click on “Buy tokens” and scroll down to the “Redeem code” field. – On, click on the “Redeem Code” tab at the top of the page. Use the tokens wisely and GOOD LUCK!

What do special abilities do in top eleven?

Special Abilities in Top Eleven Unlike roles, which show which position on the pitch your player is most effective on, special abilities are a form of expertise that only activate under certain conditions. By teaching them to your players, they will have a slight edge in certain situations.

Why do players lose stars in top eleven?

The most common question we hear at the end of a season is “Why did my players lose their stars?” When you make it into the Top 7 of the League at the end of a season, you gain a manager level and enter the next league level. This means that the opponents in your next season are also of a higher level.

What is the highest level in top eleven?

Training Level 91 is maximum Manager.

How do you sell tokens on top eleven?

After you have reached level 4, go to the Transfers button in the menu bar, then choose the negotiations tab. A list with players put up for sale will appear. Alternatively, you can select a team, either one you are playing against, or one from your friends list, and then select a player of theirs you like.