How do you make finger puppets step by step?

How do you make finger puppets step by step?

  1. Print out the templates below. Easy finger puppets template 2.
  2. Cut strips of card to make the finger bands. Each strip should be 1cm x 6 cm.
  3. Cut out and colour the finger puppets. Add fabric and string if you wish.
  4. Stick the finger bands on the back and you’re ready to go!

How do you make an origami finger puppet?

Origami Animal Finger Puppets Instructions

  1. Start with the colour you don’t want the ears to be, facing up.
  2. Fold the right point over to the left point.
  3. Unfold the previous step.
  4. Fold the bottom point up to the top point.
  5. Fold the top layer of the top point down to the bottom, aligning with the central vertical crease.

How do you make cardboard finger puppets?


  1. Cut box so you have a flat piece of cardboard. On the cardboard draw your desired puppet character.
  2. Cut out drawing and cut some finger holes.
  3. Color in or decorate the cardboard finger puppets.
  4. Pop your fingers through the holes and your fingers are now the characters legs.

How do you make a paper bird easy?

Origami Bird Instructions

  1. Start with a square of origami paper, colored side down. Then valley fold along the diagonal as shown, then unfold.
  2. Flip the piece over again. You’ll now make a squash fold using the crease lines you just made as your guide.
  3. Make an inside reverse fold to form the head and beak.

How do you make a finger puppet fox?

How to Fold Fox Finger Puppets:

  1. Place your paper so that the white side is up.
  2. Fold your right side over to meet your left side.
  3. Unfold.
  4. Now fold the bottom corner up.
  5. Now fold the top corner down so it meets the bottom side.
  6. Flip your origami over so it is oriented like this.

What is the meaning of finger puppets?

A finger puppet is a type of puppet that is controlled by one or more fingers that occupy the interior of the puppet. Finger puppets are generally very simple, consisting of a sheath that the person wearing the puppet (the puppeteer) inserts either one or two fingers into.

How do you make a simple puppet at home?

How to Make

  1. Draw a cartoony face on the cardboard paper.
  2. Flatten the paper bag and place it on a table with the bottom flap upwards. Stick the face on the base of the paper bag.
  3. Now simply slide your hand inside the paper bag and let the puppet do its talking by itself. This puppet is quite a delight for young kids.

How to make a finger puppet of a bird?

How to make thesebird finger puppets 1 1 Print and cut the templates. Two printed pages include templates for 4 different birds.. 2 2 Pinch and glue both sides of the beaks together.. 3 3 Roll up and glue the body part. Your whole index finger should fit inside snugly.. Make a paper ring that fits around… More

What are the names of the finger puppets?

One fun thing to try is these adorable Bird Finger Puppets, a set consisting of acute Toucan, an elegant Flamingo, a majestic Eagle, and an unknown (undiscovered!) species! Designed by Mr.Printable, an amazing and inspirational website full of creative DIY ideas for the whole family, you can find the template files here, free to download.

What to do with a giraffe finger puppet?

Encourage your children to decorate them by sticking on googly eyes, gluing little pieces of yarn on for hair, attaching a button to a nose and so on. Once this easy cutout for the giraffe is ready, you can paint or draw polka dots to decorate it. A lovely toy for kids to play with.

How to make finger puppets from Old gloves?

Use your old gloves and recycle them to make unique finger puppets! Make it interesting by sticking googly eyes, little pieces of yarn on for hair, attaching a button and more. A simple and fun Halloween Craft for kids with recycled egg cartons!