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How do you pair a Bluetooth module HC-05?

How do you pair a Bluetooth module HC-05?

In order to pair the module with your phone, open Bluetooth Settings in your phone and connect to “HC-05” with pin “1234”. If 1234 doesn’t work, try “0000”. Once the Bluetooth Module is paired with your phone, you can start using the App. Open the Bluetooth Controller App and click on scan.

How do you use the Bluetooth module HC-05?

Select the HC-05 Bluetooth Module on the display and double click the Serial Port Icon to connect. Key in default passwords: 1234 on [Passkey] to connect HC-05 Bluetooth Module. After key in correct passkey, the window will show which serial COM is connected to HC-05 Bluetooth Module.

How do I connect my HC-05 to my computer?

Pin Configuration of the HC-05 Bluetooth module:

  1. +5V or 3.3V. +5V supply or Power Pin.
  2. TX. The Data/Command to be transmitted is sent through this pin.
  3. RX. The Received data is read from this pin.
  4. KEY/EN. Input pin, which alters module between the Data mode and the AT Command mode.
  5. STATE.

How do you check if HC-05 is connected?

1 Answer

  1. Pull the KEY pin to Vcc (see note)
  2. Write the serial command AT on the serial interface.
  3. Look at the output: if you receive AT or OK then the module is connected, otherwise it is not.

What is the use of Bluetooth HC-05?

Designed to replace cable connections HC-05 uses serial communication to communicate with the electronics. Usually, it is used to connect small devices like mobile phones using a short-range wireless connection to exchange files. It uses the 2.45GHz frequency band.

How do I know if my HC-05 is working?

Testing HC-05 bluetooth module using Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter

  1. First make sure your HC-05 Bluetooth Module is paired with your mobile.
  2. Click on “SELECT DEVICE” icon to select paired Bluetooth module.
  3. When you press “UP Arrow” it sends the data “A” to Bluetooth Module connected with the circuit.

What is the difference between Bluetooth HC-05 and HC-06?

HC-05 modules have a small button on them for entering AT command mode. The HC-05 module can either be a master or slave,this means HC-05 can initiate connection to another device. The HC-06 module is a slave only,meaning it can only accept a connection from another device. But they both use the same break out board.

How does Bluetooth work on a JY-MCU BT board?

Board Top side, with the HC-05 pin functions as I know it (see this post ): Made direct connection to the Rx and Tx pins of the module: With this I can see what is getting to the connector, and what ends up at the Bluetooth module itself. Sending an AT from the Microcontroller shows that the command arrives at the Bluetooth module too:

What is JY-MCU Bluetooth to UART serial port module?

JY-MCU Bluetooth to UART Wireless Serial Port Module (SKU: 010-JYMCUBLUETOOTH) 3. 1. Introduction. This is a Bluetooth Wireless module that provides a simple interface for connecting to Arduino®, Firewing and other microcontroller applications.

Where can I Find my hc-05 Bluetooth module?

Mine has “ZS-040” written and it is a HC05. And the HC06 module I tested had a bluetooth sign behind with three pcb footprints To confirm the device identity, you can power up the module, search for new device on your pc or mobile, and look for HC05 or HC06 on found device list.

How to change the name of the HC05 module?

For HC05: Type “AT” (without the quotes) on the serial monitor and press enter. if “OK” appears then everything is all right and the module is ready to take command. Now you can change the name of the module, retrieve address or version or even reset to factory settings. To see the default name, type AT+NAME.