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How do you put a belt on a Polaris 500?

How do you put a belt on a Polaris 500?

To install a belt, place one end of the belt over the driving clutch. Route the belt over the top of the driven clutch and down into the groove of the clutch to allow slack in the belt. Rotate the driven clutch by hand until the belt falls into place.

Are Polaris snowmobile belts directional?

any belt can be installed in either direction, when it’s new. once run in one direction though, you should only run it that way and never reverse it. the arrows are simply there to help you run it the same way every time.

Who makes Polaris drive belts?

Designed and manufactured by Gates Co., a leading US supplier of Industrial, Automotive and Power-Sport belts, with over 50 years experience in high-performance belt technology.

Can you put a snowmobile belt on backwards?

There is NO design built into the snowmobile belt to run in one direction. Meaning the belt can be installed in either direction. Obviously if the belt is removed for service it should be put back on in the same direction of rotation.

How long does it take to break in a snowmobile belt?

Drive Belt Break-In The break-in period for a new drive belt is 30 miles (48 km). During this time, vary the throttle position under 50 percent and limit full throttle use. Always take time to warm up the belt and driveline prior to operating the snowmobile.

How do you change the belt on a Polaris Indy 500?

First jack up the back of the machine under the rear bumper, supporting the track off the ground. Next pull up on the belt between the two clutches. You need to get the bottom of the belt to seperate the driven clutch (or secondary clutch). Pull the belt up over the top of the driven clutch and rotate it backwards.

When to replace the belt on a Polaris Ranger 500?

If a belt fails on your Polaris RANGER 500, always clean any debris from the clutch air duct and from the clutch and engine compartments when replacing the belt. Failure to remove all debris when replacing the belt could result in vehicle damage, loss of control and severe injury or death. The replacement belt is part number 3211169.

Can you replace the drive belt on a Polaris snowmobile?

To inspect or replace the drive belt on a Polaris 550 INDY, follow these steps. Caution: Do not attempt to remove the drive belt after operating in reverse. The snowmobile must be stopped after forward motion to prevent damage to components during belt removal. 1. Ensure the vehicle is on a flat, level surface. 2.

How do you adjust a 2005 Indy 500 sled?

As for the adjustments on a 2005 Indy 500 Classic it takes a 3/8 wrench and is a piece of cake to do. Just loosen the three bolts on the driven, rear clutch, and rotate the plate to the second from the left for starters. Tighten them up and run the sled, even on the stand.