How do you redeem TM rewards?

How do you redeem TM rewards?

You can also easily redeem rewards via the TM USSD code, just dial *143# > Rewards > Redeem Rewards > TM Products.

How can I redeem globe gosurf50 points?

To redeem a reward, just text REDEEM and then send to 4438. For example: REDEEM GCALL5. To check your balance, text BAL to 4438.

How Stop redeem reward in TM 2021?

A Subscriber may choose to stop all 4438 text transactions by texting STOP to 4438. If a subscriber decides to redeem, check balance, transfer points, and request to receive all 4438 text notifications after he/she has disabled 4438 transactions, he/she is required to text YES to 4438.

What is UNLI Intracall?

Intra- definition, a prefix meaning “within,” used in the formation of compound words: intramural. These calls can also be considered interLATA because they are calls between 2 LATAs. Unlimited call onnet means calls making to own network. Therefore long distance calls.

How do you send tm loads?

How to Pasaload to a Globe or TM Subscriber

  1. To pasaload to a Globe or TM subscriber, just text the load amount to 2 + 10-digit number of the recipient, replacing the prefix “0” with the number “2”.
  2. For example: 100 and send to 29123456789.

How do you do the Utang TM?

In order for you to borrow load from TM, you just have to text in this format: UTANG and send to 3733. Alternatively, you can just dial *143# and find the UTANG menu. Example (refer to the list below): Text UTANG LOAD5 to 3733 and you will receive a ₱5 loan load balance.

Can I transfer globe points to another number?

Can you share your Globe rewards? Sharing is caring, and as an active subscriber, whether on prepaid, postpaid, or TM can transfer his or her points to friends and loved ones.

How do I check my TM rewards?

How to Check Accumulated Reward Points. To check your points balance, simply text BAL to 4438.

How do I redeem TM rewards via text?

To redeem your rewards, text REDEEM KEYWORD to 4438.

How do I register for GoALLNET 500?

To register, text GoALLNET30 to 8080 or dial *143# and choose GoALLNET.

How do you register TM UNLI call to all network?

To register to TM ALLNET20, text the keyword AN20 to 8080. Make sure that you have at least ₱20 load balance in order to subscribe to the promo. You will receive a text confirmation if your promo registration is successful.