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How do you reference an entire website?

How do you reference an entire website?

If you are citing an entire website, provide the address of the site within the text of your paper. According to the APA, there is no need to include the site in your reference list. Example: The APA Style website is a good source of information on using APA style properly (

Can we cite thesis?

Thus, there is no harm in citing a PhD thesis, provided you mention that it is what it is. If others have completed theses or dissertations related to the topic you are studying, I would definitely cite them. Most cases will fall in between, and then you need to use your judgement and be clear what you’re citing.

What are some reliable print sources?

Some reputable sources: national newspapers (New York Times; Washington Post); large, popular magazines (Time; Newsweek); scholarly journals (peer-reviewed); and academic books (most of our non-fiction books in Gorgas are written by academics and scholars).