How do you reset the counter on a Cannon downrigger?

How do you reset the counter on a Cannon downrigger?

Cannon downriggers have counters that reset. They simply slide off the gear that runs the counter and you can manually spin the wheel until it reads zero again. It’s very easy and convenient and only takes about 10 seconds to do.

How long does downrigger cable last?

Other than discoloration and a bit more drag, it runs fine down to 150 feet. 2 years so far and no issues. Penn cable is also good.

Who owns Cannon downriggers?

the Johnson Outdoors family
Today, Cannon downriggers are part of the Johnson Outdoors family, and they’ve evolved into high-tech tools that push the innovation envelope.

How do you zero downrigger?

To zero it out just spin the little gear by hand until it reaches zero. You may need to adjust the downrigger spool, so the pegs are out of the way. Lastly put the cover back on.

What is the best downrigger cable?

Best Manual Downrigger Reviewed

  • Big Jon Sports The Runabout – Our Pick!
  • Cannon Mini-Troll.
  • Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX.
  • Scotty #1050 Depthmaster.
  • Scotty #1106 Depthpower – Our Pick!
  • Big Jon Sports Captain’s Pak.
  • Cannon Magnum 10 STX.

Do Cannon downriggers have auto stop?

Short Stop is a Cannon exclusive feature that automatically stops the weight at the water’s surface, preventing the lift motor from raising it into the pulley at the end of the boom. This feature comes on all Cannon electric downriggers and requires the boat to be properly grounded.

Where are Cannon downriggers made?


When do you need to repair a cannon downrigger?

Cannon downriggers use a system of moving parts that experience occasional breakdowns. Repairs are often necessary after prolonged exposure to saltwater or accidental contact with other boats and obstacles in a marina.

How do you rig a downrigger for fishing?

DOWNRIGGER FISHING: HOW IT WORKS. STEP BY STEP. 1. ATTACH AND LOWER. To rig, attach the trolling weight (or flash weight) to your line with a “line release.”. Place the rod in the rod holder and lower the weight to your desired depth. 2. DOWN WITH THE WEIGHT.

Who is the authorized servicing dealer for cannon?

An Authorized Servicing Dealer (ASD) generally only services products they have sold. However, an ASD may choose to service Cannon products purchased elsewhere, at their discretion.

How do you remove the spindle from a downrigger?

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws from the side of the unit. Remove the plate and pull off the side of the downrigger to expose the spool. Remove any debris from the spindle area and add lubrication if the spool is not rotating smoothly.