How do you solve puzzle 15 in portal?

How do you solve puzzle 15 in portal?


  1. Go stand in front of the glass and turn around.
  2. Then look down right in front of you.
  3. Go through the portal.
  4. Go to the second part of the chamber.
  5. When the High Energy Pellet disappears, shoot the other portal on the wall from where the Pellet used to bounce off.

How do you do test chamber 16 on portal?


  1. Go at the end of the hallway and wait for the door to open.
  2. Go through the door and knock over the turret and wait for it to shut down.
  3. Walk to the end of the small hallway and stop before the red beam.
  4. Look to the left – along the beam.
  5. Shoot the other portal on the wall near you and go through it.

How do you beat test chamber 16 advanced in portal?

Shoot a portal behind the exit and get a cube away from the button. Always crouch with a cube to protect yourself. Go through the portal leading to the exit with a cube and quickly crouch. Fire a portal through the vents after you enter the portal behind the turret.

What to do with radios in portal?

Use the portals to get radio to the same level where you are. Leave the radio for now, jump all the way up to the end of the map, and use portals to retrieve the radio up there.

How do you beat level 14 on Portal?


  1. Go to the end of the hall and turn left.
  2. Turn left and shoot a portal on the panels near the ceiling directly facing the cube.
  3. Go back to the stairs that have now been lowered and then fire the other portal on the floor and go through the portal.
  4. You should land within range of the Weighted Storage Cube.

How do you beat chamber 17 in Portal?


  1. Go to the end of the hallway.
  2. Pick up your Companion Cube and place it in front of the small ledge.
  3. Pick up the cube and repeat.
  4. Upon reaching the other side of the hallway, look out for the bouncing Pellet.
  5. Go in front of the second hallway.
  6. Run to the other side while using the cube as a shield.

How do you beat level 17 on portal?

Where is the portal in Portal Chamber 15?

Place an orange portal on the extended panel above the entrance, and create a blue portal on the floor. When you fall through, notice you tend to land on the checkered part of the floor.

Where do you shoot a portal in Portal 2?

Take the Frankenturret through the portal and place it on the button. Go back and stand on the button. Shoot a portal at the end of the Funnel. Place the other portal to the wall below the flowing Propulsion Gel and wait until the gel is above the ramp. Leave the button and make sure that the runway is complete.

Where to shoot blue portal in test chamber 15?

With the first portal placed, shoot a blue portal onto the same wall, five tiles over (to the left). The placement of the blue portal should warp the high energy pellet and send it through the incandescent particle field that houses the pellet receptor. This next part of the puzzle is tricky.

How to jump through the Blue Portal in portal?

While jumping through the blue portal hold the forward button to land on the exit platform. In the advanced chamber, most of the puzzles have been made more challenging, requiring alternate methods to solve them Room 1 has a lot fewer portalable surfaces. Place a portal on the ceiling and the floor.