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How do you unlock true ending 999?

How do you unlock true ending 999?

To get the Coffin Ending, choose Doors 4, 7, and 1, the same as for the true ending. You also must make the same four decisions needed to see the True Ending. However, you will only get this ending if you have not seen the Safe Ending on the file you are currently playing.

How many endings does zero time dilemma have?

32 endings
In Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, there are a total of 32 endings: 7 main endings (one of which is the true ending) 2 additional endings (yellow) 23 Bad/Game Over.

Is Zero Escape an anime?

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is set to release next week in North America, and publisher Aksys Games has taken the opportunity to release the game’s anime prologue.

Are there any other endings to Zero Escape?

In the DS and The Nonary Games versions of Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, there are six endings, although only one of them is canon (The True Ending). Because the Safe/Zero Lost Ending is required for the True Ending, the Safe/Zero Lost Ending can also be canon in another timeline/universe.

How many doors are there in Zero Escape?

In the iOS version of the game, a new ending (syringe) was added, creating a total of seven endings. The endings are in descending order (6 to 1), with the iOS’ additional ending at the bottom. The ending received is determined by the numbered doors that Junpei goes through, as well as his answers to certain questions.

When does Zero Escape Volume 3 take place?

Kyle’s name is then suddenly replaced with a question mark. After old Akane tells him that he must save the world, and that he’s the only one that can, that’s it. They actually set up Zero Escape volume 3 pretty well. It’s most likely going to take place between December 25th 2028 and New Year’s Eve.

How does ACE Open Door 3 in Zero Escape?

He has Ace, Lotus and Seven scan their bracelets on Door 3 via their palms, Junpei then waves his bracelet over the RED, and beeps with Junpei able to open the door. Junpei reveals you don’t need to place your hands on the scanner panel to activate the RED but merely using the bracelet works as well.