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How do you use the word beheld in a sentence?

How do you use the word beheld in a sentence?

His penmanship was uncanny and envied by all who beheld it. We beheld water falling in cascades. Thus, he beheld the sky and laughed. Carrying a bouquet of roses, she met him on the platform and found herself seized by terror and pity as she beheld his gaunt, pale form.

How do you use behold?

(literary) to look at or see someone or something Her face was a joy to behold. They beheld a bright star shining in the sky. used for calling attention to a surprising or annoying thing As soon as we went out, lo and behold, it began to rain.

How do you use the word foreshadow in a sentence?

Examples of foreshadow in a Sentence Her early interest in airplanes foreshadowed her later career as a pilot. The hero’s predicament is foreshadowed in the first chapter.

What does it mean to be beholding to someone?

: owing a favor or gift to (someone) : having obligations to (someone) politicians who are beholden to special interest groups She works for herself, and so is beholden to no one.

What does behold mean in modern English?

1 : to perceive through sight or apprehension : see. 2 : to gaze upon : observe It was a pleasure to behold the beauty of the sunset.

What type of word is behold?

verb (used with object), be·held, be·hold·ing. to observe; look at; see.

Are foresee and foreshadow the same thing?

As verbs the difference between foresee and foreshadow is that foresee is to anticipate; to predict while foreshadow is to presage, or suggest something in advance.

What does Shadow mean in foreshadow?

“indicate beforehand,” 1570s, figurative, from fore- + shadow (v.); the notion seems to be a shadow thrown before an advancing material object as an image of something suggestive of what is to come. Related: Foreshadowed; foreshadowing.

How to use the word behold in a sentence?

A player in a slump is a sad sight to behold, equal parts wild-eyed desperation and puppy-dog bewilderment. In the spring wild grasses are a sight to beholdand there is wildlife and birdsong to enjoy. Lo and beholdout of the surf popped a little critter, and he proceeded to waddle up the beach and then up the banking for a bit of kip.

What does beheld mean in the book beheld?

Upon their arrival in Rockaway on Friday, the sisters were stunned by the destruction they beheld. On the 6th of August we beheld, for the first time, flying fish, but at such a distance that we could scarcely distinguish them. I looked up at sound of a startled exclamation, and beheld the round African physog of Lyn Rowan’s colored mammy.

Who is the singer of the song Behold?

— Kyle Edward, Forbes, 8 June 2021 Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker’s performance as Cream was something to behold. — Troy L. Smith, cleveland, 20 May 2021 Bald eagles and waterfowl are sights to behold on the water.