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How does a FinFET transistor work?

How does a FinFET transistor work?

As opposed to a traditional planar transistor, the finFET has an elevated channel or “fin,” which the gate wraps around. Due to their structure, finFETs generate much lower leakage power and allow greater device density. Compared to planar transistors, finFET operate at a lower voltage and offer higher drive current.

What is FinFET technology?

A fin field-effect transistor (FinFET) is a multigate device, a MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) built on a substrate where the gate is placed on two, three, or four sides of the channel or wrapped around the channel, forming a double or even multi gate structure.

How do you find the width of a FinFET?

transistor channel width of one FinFET is defined by the fin width W FIN and fin height H FIN ; see Fig 1, giving a transistor width W 1 equal to 2H FIN +W FIN . The necessary current level is obtained by fabricating multiple fins n FIN in parallel, obtaining a final total transistor width W equal to n FIN xW 1 . …

What is FinFET technology PDF?

FinFET is a promising device structure for scaled CMOS logic/memory applications in 22nm technology and beyond, thanks to its good short channel effect (SCE) controllability and its small variability. Alternative doping techniques show good conformal doping in 3D structure in finFETs.

What are the advantages of FinFET?

FinFET Advantages

  • Better control over the channel.
  • Suppressed short-channel effects.
  • Lower static leakage current.
  • Faster switching speed.
  • Higher drain current (More drive-current per footprint)
  • Lower switching voltage.
  • Low power consumption.

What is difference between FinFET and MOSFET?

In MOSFET, while decreasing the Nano-meter technology short channel effect is increases. It consumes more power compared to the FinFET technology. The fabrication steps are more compared to the FinFET. Current leakage and Drain Induced Barrier Lowering are more compared to the FinFET.

Where is FinFET used?

Its applications include home computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, high-end networks, automotive, and more. FinFET stands for a fin-shaped field-effect transistor. Fin because it has a fin-shaped body – the silicon fin that forms the transistor’s main body distinguishes it.

Why do we use FinFET?

FinFET technology provides numerous advantages over bulk CMOS, such as higher drive current for a given transistor footprint, hence higher speed, lower leakage, hence lower power consumption, no random dopant fluctuation, hence better mobility and scaling of the transistor beyond 28nm.

Where is FinFET technology used?

How FinFET reduces leakage current?

FinFET is suitable for future nanoscale memory circuits design due to its reduced short-channel effects (SCEs) and leakage current [6]. This technique provides increased operating speed by low-threshold MOSFET and reduced leakage by high-threshold voltage.

What is a disadvantage of the FinFET?

FinFET Disadvantages Quantized device-width. It is impossible to make fractions of the fins, whereby designers can only specify the devices’ dimensions in multiples of whole fins. Corner effect: electric field at the corner is always amplified compared to the electric field at the sidewall.

Is FinFET and Trigate are same?

FinFET is one of the Tri-gate implementations. KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India. whereas, Trigate MOSFET is just an implementation of Fin structure a more appropriate term would be Trigate FinFET, as MOSFET in present day is mostly associated with Non SOI structures such as Bulk MOSFET.

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What are the characteristics of a FinFET transistor?

3. The term “FINFET” describes a non- planar, double gate transistor built on an SOI substrate, based on the single gate transistor design. The important characteristics of FINFET is that the conducting channel is wrapped by a thin Si “fin”, which forms the body of the device.

What makes a FinFET different from a FET?

 The basic electrical layout and mode of operation of a FINFET does not differ from a traditional FET.  There is one source and one drain contact as well as a gate to control the current flow.  In contrast to planar MOSFET, the channel b/w source and drain is build as 3D bar on top of the Si substrate and are called fin. 10. CONTINUED………

How old is FinFET in terms of Technology?

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