How does Armani Code for Women smell?

How does Armani Code for Women smell?

Capture the intimacy and excitement of an unforgettable new encounter with the signature Armani Code for Women eau de parfum. The floral fragrance opens with a sensual orange flower note intertwined with fresh ginger accents that give way to a slow honey-sandalwood caress. Addictive. Intoxicating.

What does Armani Code smell like?

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is a seductive Eau de Toilette for the contemporary man. This modern and sophisticated fragrance for men combines an irresistible citron cocktail of Bergamot scent and lemon with soft notes of Olive Tree Blossom, warmed with Guaiac Wood Essential and Tonka Bean.

Which Armani perfume is the best for her?

Top 10 Armani Perfumes For Women

  1. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani Eau De Toilette.
  2. Armani Code By Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum.
  3. Acqua Di Gioia By Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum.
  4. Si By Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum.
  5. Emporio Armani Diamonds By Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum.
  6. Armani Mania By Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum.

Is Armani Code attractive?

This scent is masculine yet personal; perfect for a man that you need a gift for. The scent is so attractive, yet subtle; absolutely perfect! You can smell it on him during a date, yet its not overpowering, Perfect, and well-priced!

Which Armani is the most expensive?

The Most Expensive Armani Watches Out Right Now

  1. AR 3300 – $895.
  2. AR 1474 – $545.
  3. AR 1483 – $495.
  4. AR 1472 – $495. The AR 1472 is another watch designed for women.
  5. AR 4675 – $445. The AR 4675 is a very detailed watch that offers a blend of warm colors and gives people a greater amount to look at.

Is Armani Code good perfume?

Armani Code has a great smell to it. My husband has had this bottle for over 8 months so far and he still has a little less than half the bottle left. A little goes a long way and it’s a high quality long lasting cologne.

How many hours does Armani Code last?

8-10 hours holds the fragrance loosely stand.

Is Emporio Armani a luxury brand?

While Giorgio Armani is a highly expensive clothing line and company, Emporio Armani is one of the least-expensive clothing lines of Armani company. Giorgio Armani clothing line targets the high-end, wealthy customers. But Emporio Armani targets the young adults, that is, college going customers.

Is Armani A luxury brand?

Armani is an Italian luxury clothing brand. It was founded by Giorgio Armani, a fashion designer. Since it was founded in 1975, it has grown drastically. It has expanded and continues to do so.

When to add Armani Code to your perfume collection?

Keep it light with a couple spritzes of Armani Code for women before you head to the office. And when it’s time to party with the girls, feel free to go heavier on the perfume. Switch things up from your normal eau de parfum and add a bottle of Armani Code to your fragrance collection.

Is there an Armani Code for women at Macy’s?

Whether your scent of choice is Armani Code for women or you’re considering it as an option, shopping for fragrances at Macy’s is easy. To help make up your mind, use Macy’s Fragrance Finder to determine your scent. And be sure to take advantage of the free shipping deal with your fragrance or beauty products purchase from Macy’s.

Is there a Giorgio Armani Code for women?

If you’re getting bored of your current perfume and looking for a new scent, your search is over. Discover the mysterious charm of Armani Code for women by Giorgio Armani. With a smell that is subtle enough to wear all day long, but strong enough to last into the night, you’ll surely crack the code finding the perfect women’s fragrance.

What are the top notes of Giorgio Armani perfume?

Top notes are Italian Orange, Jasmine and Bitter Orange; middle notes are Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Ginger; base notes are Honey, Vanilla and Sandalwood. Armani Code was introduced to women in the spring of 2006. It is based on harmony between orange blossom, fresh spicy notes of ginger and warm sandalwood.