How far is Darjeeling from NJP?

How far is Darjeeling from NJP?

Distance Between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling

Distance between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling by Road is 70 Kms
Distance between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling by Flight is 43 Kms
Travel Time from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling by Road is 2:50 hrs
Nearest Airport in New Jalpaiguri Bagdogra Airport (26.68, 88.44)

How can I reach Darjeeling from NJP?

You will need to come to the Tenzing Norgay Central Bus Terminus at Siliguri located on the Hill Cart Road. It’s only about 8kms from NJP. You can take a taxi, auto rickshaw or a cycle rickshaw to reach there. From here you will get plenty of state run and private buses for Darjeeling that leave frequently.

How is the road from NJP to Darjeeling?

Hi, The normal route from NJP to Darjeeling is via Siliguri, Sukna, Simulbari, then by Rohini road up to Kurseong and then Hill Cart Road (NH55) to Darjeeling. Up to Kurseong the road condition is good. The Hill Cart Road from Kurseong onwards is quite patchy with potholes along the way, but overall bearable.

How much time it takes from NJP to Gangtok?

about 4.5 hours
NJP is at a distance of 124kms from Gangtok. At NJP plenty of private and shared taxis are available, and it takes about 4.5 hours to reach Gangtok.

What is the fare of toy train from NJP to Darjeeling?

Charter Trains

SN Section Fare in Rs. (Single trip)
1 New Jalpaiguri -Rongtong 80,850/-
2 Siliguri -Tindharia 80,850/-
3 Tindharia – Kurseong 80,850/-
4 Kurseong-Darjeeling 80,850/-

What is the fees of Darjeeling?

Popular Darjeeling Tour Packages

Darjeeling Packages Price (Per person on twin sharing) Nights
Darjeeling & Gangtok – Himalayan Beauty Rs 17,999 4 Nights
Eastern Delight Rs 14,700 5 Nights
Glimpse of Himalayan Kingdom – Deluxe Rs 23,999 5 Nights
Blissful Gangtok And Darjeeling Experience Rs 14,000 4 Nights

Is Darjeeling toy train running?

The toy train joyride from Darjeeling to Ghum and back is currently operational. The one from NJP to Darjeeling has not yet started.