How fast does a 2009 Polaris RZR 800 go?

How fast does a 2009 Polaris RZR 800 go?

Let’s start with the powerplant. The RZR S comes equipped with a 760cc, fuel injected high-output engine. After making some modifications, Polaris was able to increase the top speed from 55 mph to a whopping 63 mph, which is considerably quicker than any other stock vehicle from a major manufacturer.

What is a 2009 Polaris RZR worth?


Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $10,799 $4,885
Options (Add)
Total Price $10,799 $4,885

How much is a 2009 Polaris RZR 800?

2009 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Specifications

BASE MSRP(US) $10,799.00
Dealers Polaris Dealers
Warranty 6

How wide is a 2009 RZR 800s?

Width: 60.5″ (The RZR S supposedly will still fit in the back of a pickup) Height: 70.5″ Wheelbase: 77″ Turning radius – 149.5″ (compared to 101.5″ for the standard RZR)

How fast does a 800cc RZR go?

New 60 mph/96.6 km top speed, 52 horsepower and ROPS Certified Cab.

How much is a 2008 Polaris RZR worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $10,299 $6,275
Total Price $10,299 $6,275

How much horsepower does a Polaris RZR 800 have?


RZR 570 RZR 800
Horsepower 45 52
Displacement (cc) 567 760
Width 50 50
Wheelbase 77 77

How fast is a Polaris RZR 800?

What is the difference between RZR 800 and RZR 800s?

The version in the RZR S 800 makes 53 horsepower—quite a step down from today’s RZR S 900, which makes 75 horsepower. Surprisingly, the RZR S 800 is faster than we expected. We’re so used to the higher horsepower of today’s RZRs, we were prepared to be underwhelmed by the 800’s power, but the machine pulls well.

How fast will a RZR Pro XP go?

20-50 mph
In case of the RZR Pro XP, you’re looking at a machine that’s been redesigned from the ground up. Its heart – a 181-horsepower ProStar gasoline engine – is tuned to give its best performance in the 20-50 mph speed range….Polaris RZR Pro XP Design.

Engine twin-cylinder, turbocharged
Transmission automatic, PVT (P/R/N/L/H)