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How hard is it to publish in PNAS?

How hard is it to publish in PNAS?

Its impact factor is less than that of Science but nonetheless it is highly competitive. Publishing in PNAS is not an easy job even if you think your work is good enough. For example, if your article is accepted, then it will be listed in Computer Sciences as well as in Social Sciences.

What is the meaning of pending recommendation?

The change in status from ‘Under review’ to ‘Pending recommendation’ means that peer review of your paper is done and the Associate Editor (AE) will now go through the reviews and give his/her recommendation on whether it should be accepted, rejected, or revised.

What does awaiting decision mean for college application?

Awaiting decision means that the file is complete and we have not yet made a decision yet.

What is the meaning of awaiting EIC decision?

Awaiting EIC Decision: implies that the final decision of the Chief Editor has not yet been issued. This status is shown for all articles that have not yet received the final decision, regardless of the evaluation phase. Publication of Manuscripts.

What is awaiting reviewer assignment?

Answer: The status “awaiting reviewer selection” implies that the editor is looking for peer reviewers for your paper. The status changes to “awaiting reviewer assignment” when the editor has selected reviewers for your paper and has sent out review invitations.

How long is peer review?

While writing a peer review may take between 4 and 8 h, in only 19% of all reported cases authors were informed about the outcome in less than a month. In about one third of the cases (32%) authors had to wait 3 months or more and in 10% of the cases even more than 6 months before being informed.

What is ADM in Journal?

ADM is a person in-charge of handling any communication about a specific article. His role is to answer general questions and to give advice to authors. However, decisions of accepting or rejecting articles are usually made by EIC or other Editors in the editor board.