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How heavy is an asteroid the size of Texas?

How heavy is an asteroid the size of Texas?

Armageddon deliberately provides only sketchy information about the massive fictitious object (which, if the size of Texas, is about two thousand times the size of asteroid Apophis, by the way)….The size of asteroids.

1 Ceres
Density (g/cm3) 2.2
Surface Gravity (m/s2) 0.28
Mass (x1020kg) 9.4
Spectral Type C (G)

How big was the asteroid that hit Earth?

about 10 kilometers
It was formed when a large asteroid, about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in diameter, struck the Earth….Chicxulub crater.

Impact crater/structure
Confidence Confirmed
Diameter 150 km (93 mi)
Depth 20 km (12 mi)
Impactor diameter 10 kilometers (6.2 mi)

How much would a meteor the size of Texas weigh?

NASA analysts told NBC News that the size of the meteor could be estimated based on its brightness. “The fireball was at least as bright as a quarter Moon, which translates to something bigger than 6 inches in diameter with a weight of 10 pounds,” NASA said.

What’s the biggest asteroid to ever exist?

The largest asteroid is called Ceres. It is about one-quarter the size of the moon and orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter in a region called the asteroid belt. Unlike most asteroids, Ceres is spherical in shape.

What size asteroid would cause extinction?

Ultimately, scientists estimate that an asteroid would have to be about 96 km (60 miles) wide to completely and utterly wipe out life on our planet.

Which asteroid belt is larger?

Dwarf planet Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s the only dwarf planet located in the inner solar system. It was the first member of the asteroid belt to be discovered when Giuseppe Piazzi spotted it in 1801.

How big is an asteroid?

Asteroids range in size from tiny pebbles to about 578 miles (930 kilometers) in diameter ( Ceres ). Sixteen of the 3,000 known asteroids are over 150 miles (240 km) in diameter. Some asteroids even have orbiting moons.

What is the closest asteroid to Earth?

Near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros makes its closest approach to Earth since 2012 today, when it comes within 19.4 million miles (31.2 million kilometers) of our planet.

Is an asteroid gonna hit Earth?

Yes, an asteroid will hit Earth. In fact ten of them as big as refrigerators streak into the atmosphere every year. Most burn up on the way in, and about two-thirds of the rest (or chunks of them) fall harmlessly into the ocean (because the planet is about two-thirds ocean).

What if an asteroid hit Earth?

In other words, if an asteroid strikes Earth, it will be a really, really bad day no matter how big it is. If the asteroid is a mile in diameter, it’s likely to wipe out life on the planet.